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Allows the player to move & resize some of the main HUD widgets

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HUDitor [v0.5.0]



HUDitor allows players to move & resize some of the main widgets on the screen:

- Minimap
- Quest tracker
- Wanted bar
- Quest notifications area
- Item notifications area
- Vehicle notifications (summoning and radio)
- Crouch indicator and weapon roster
- Action button hints (dpad)
- Player healthbar
- Player stamina
- Phone call avatar - temporarily removed
- Phone call input controller - temporarily removed
- Input hints
- Speedometer
- Bosses HP bar
- Dialog choices
- Dialog subtitles

The changes should be persisted after loading / closing the game.


1. Enable HUDitor
Press "Shift + U" - you will see that most of the HUD widgets' opacity has changed, and only the quest tracker is fully visible. Also, a mouse pointer will appear at the center of the screen (if you have Sprint hotkey rebinded then use it instead of Shift). Also you can use W-A-S-D keys for more precise position tweaking.

2. Reposition widgets
Reposition widgets on the screen by holding LMB (left-mouse button) while moving the cursor. Only 1 widget is draggable at a time.

3. Resize widgets
Change widgets' size using your mouse wheel

4. Continue to next / prev widget

Click Left & Right buttons on your keyboard to toggle next / prev widgets

5. Disable HUDitor

Press "Shift + U" / "Esc" / "C" buttons to disable the editor

6. Reset all your changes

Press "X" while HUDitor is enabled, to reset all the widgets back to their original size & position.


If you want to translate the mod to your own language, then download Translation sources archive, open huditor.json with any text editor (I would recommend Notepad++) and translate only lines with "femaleVariant" key (sample screenshot from other mod, text which you should change marked with yellow). After that check the code for your language here at the table below and send translated file back to me.

Available translations:
  • English
  • Russian
  • French (credits to Jaskya)


1. Why not all widgets are editable?
 - Will be adding support for more widgets in the future.

2. How do I revert all my changes?
- Either remove my mod, or enable HUDitor & press "X"

3. Does it work with {SOME_OTHER_MOD}?
- I don't know, only tested with Custom Quickslots for Consumables and Cyberware Abilities and it works fine

4. The mouse pointer is not visible when HUDitor is enabled:
- You're probably in a Safe Zone. Disable HUDitor, leave the Safe Zone, and enable it again.
- The mouse pointer doesn't really do anything. You can drag and zoom in/out regardless to where the pointer is on the screen. It's there only for a more "professional" look. It will affect the currently active HUD widget nevertheless.

5. Gamepads support
- Won't happen, too troublesome to imitate dragging & scrolling with a gamepad.

6. Change HUDitor's key bindings
- Hopefully, will add this option some day.