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Allows the player to move & resize some of the main HUD widgets

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HUDitor [v0.3.0]



HUDitor allows players to move & resize some of the main widgets on the screen:

- Minimap
- Quest tracker
- Wanted bar
- Quest notifications area
- Item notifications area
- Vehicle notifications (summoning and radio)
- Crouch indicator and weapon roster
- Action button hints (dpad)
- Player healthbar
- Player stamina
- Phone call avatar
- Phone call input controller
- Input hints
- Speedometer
- Bosses HP bar
- Dialog choices
- Dialog subtitles

The changes should be persisted after loading / closing the game.


1. Enable HUDitor
Press "Shift + U" - you will see that most of the HUD widgets' opacity has changed, and only the quest tracker is fully visible. Also, a mouse pointer will appear at the center of the screen (if you have Sprint hotkey rebinded then use it instead of Shift). Also you can use W-A-S-D keys for more precise position tweaking.

2. Reposition widgets
Reposition widgets on the screen by holding LMB (left-mouse button) while moving the cursor. Only 1 widget is draggable at a time.

3. Resize widgets
Change widgets' size using your mouse wheel

4. Continue to next / prev widget

Click Left & Right buttons on your keyboard to toggle next / prev widgets

5. Disable HUDitor

Press "Shift + U" / "Esc" / "C" buttons to disable the editor

6. Reset all your changes

Press "X" while HUDitor is enabled, to reset all the widgets back to their original size & position.


1. Why not all widgets are editable?
 - Will be adding support for more widgets in the future.

2. How do I revert all my changes?
- Either remove my mod, or enable HUDitor & press "X"

3. Does it work with {SOME_OTHER_MOD}?
- I don't know, only tested with Custom Quickslots for Consumables and Cyberware Abilities and it works fine

4. The mouse pointer is not visible when HUDitor is enabled:
- You're probably in a Safe Zone. Disable HUDitor, leave the Safe Zone, and enable it again.
- The mouse pointer doesn't really do anything. You can drag and zoom in/out regardless to where the pointer is on the screen. It's there only for a more "professional" look. It will affect the currently active HUD widget nevertheless.

5. Gamepads support
- Won't happen, too troublesome to imitate dragging & scrolling with a gamepad.

6. Change HUDitor's key bindings
- Hopefully, will add this option some day.