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Customize all your player owned vehicles! The skin you choose will automatically be applied to your selected vehicle and will be applied every time that vehicle is summoned

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New Update
Hello chooms, it seems news of my flatlining have been greatly exaggerated because I'm back with a shiny new update for all you gear-heads! This update now requires Codeware, so make sure you have it installed because I have added support for ALL player owned vehicles. This should hopefully even work with modded vehicles but I have yet to test is myself so let me know in the Posts tab. Enjoy! Now I'm off to go hibernate again for 3 years never ask me for anything ever again lol


The vehicles the player can buy cannot be customized by default. However almost all the vehicles in the game have alternate appearances. This little mod allows you to swap around these alternate appearances on your player owned vehicles.

First ensure you have Cyber Engine Tweaks and Codeware installed and running. Next simply drag and drop the folder labeled "bin" into your Cyberpunk installation folder or install with Vortex.

Once the mod is installed a new window is added onto the CET overlay called "Vehicle Customizer". Open the overlay during gameplay to see the menu, if you don't see the window titled "Vehicle Customizer" it might be hiding behind other windows. Shuffle the windows around until you find it. At first the window will declare that there is no Active Vehicle, simply close the overlay and summon the vehicle you want to customize. By default this is the 'V' key. Once you press the 'V' key return to the overlay and you'll see the window has changed. Open the drop-down menu labeled "Select a Skin" and you'll see a list of available skins to choose from. Once you select one it will be immediately applied and will be applied every time it is summoned in the future. It also works between load screens

Q: I don't see any skins in the drop-down other than DEFAULT
A: First ensure you have the latest version of all requirements installed. This mod requires CET, Codeware, and red4ext to function

Q: The see-through windows in my Caliburn won't turn on in first-person!
A: This is an issue that causes the window animation to not play after changing the skin of your car. I am unaware of a way to fix this at the moment as a lot of the code remains undocumented, though the problem doesn't persist once you save and load while outside the vehicle. For the time being, just be aware when changing skins to reload once you are done

Q: How do I open the CET overlay?
A: When you first install CET it asks you to define a button to use to open the overlay. If you have questions about the overlay you should ask on the CET forum.

Q: I opened the overlay but I don't see the Vehicle Customizer window
A: The window might be hiding behind other windows on the overlay. You can move or minimize windows until you find it. If you still cannot find it make sure your have both CET and my mod installed properly.

Q: Cars I've modded in don't have any options
A: Unfortunately as it is this mod does not support modded vehicles even if it's a vanilla car
added by a mod, sorry about that
Release 3.0 should support all cars modded or not. Please enter a bug report if this is not the case.

Q: Sometimes the window appears really small except for a V in the title 
A: This is a known quirk of my GUI code. It occurs when the code encounters an error when constructing the window. The most common cause seems to be when the active vehicle no longer exists in the game world. This usually happens when coming out of a game load. Try summoning your vehicle again to fix it. If that's not it let me know in the forum