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MeteorIWTD and Captain12

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This mod re-enable all the Gorilla Arms cut features.

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Restore the ability for the Gorilla Arms to open doors and rip turrets without the need of the body attribute.


You can now remove the wires and knuckles of your Gorilla Arms.
You can now open doors with Gorilla Arms ignoring Body stat. Requires CET
You can now rip turrets with Gorilla Arms and use them ignoring Body stat. Requires CET
Now the mod, thanks to the additional improvements made by Captain12 can used without hotkeys and the body stat will no longer freeze like sometimes happened in the past.
Now the body attribute won't increase if your attribute level is already high enough


• Reintroduce the cut feature that let you open blocked door using Gorilla Arms ignoring stats. DONE! 
• Ability to rip automatic turrets and use them without ignoring body skill checks. DONE!
• Improve the mod by let your Character to do the "Force Open Animation" of the Door. DONE!

With the Patch 2.0 I decided to remove the recolors of the arms, I think that in the Nexus there are better alternatives and cosmetic option for the Gorilla Arms.


Use Vortex or drop in the Cyberpunk folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Cyberpunk 2077

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077


Delete the lua code from CET plugins folder.

Right click the file, depending on what color you choose at the download and delete it
DO NOT DELETE any other files in the patch directory as other mods or
DLC may be stored there.


Mod is compatible with other mods that remove the Weapon Grip and/or injection marks on the skin.
Mod is NOT compatible with mods that replace the players Gorilla or "Strong" arms with something else.
Compatible with patch 2.0 and Phantom Liberty
Compatible with StreetStyle (from version 2.0.5)

WillyJL (for his huge help)
Captain12 for the improvements made to the mod

If you want to help out by all means and if you're interested in modding CP77, we'll help when we can. Discord