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Simple interface for changing car control settings.

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Since the release of the game, i was annoyed by some assistants in driving a car. I think the release on several platforms forced devs to add this.
As a result, my process of searching for these parameters brought me to big surprice here .
I see a lot of mods that are supposed to improve car handling or make it more realistic. But working with parameters available for change, i realized .. most of the authors of these mods just randomly change this parameters and post them when an acceptable result is achieved by accident without any explanaton.
In this regard, i made a kind of user interface that allows to change these parameters on the fly and, as a result, ability to visually test the effect of changes. 
Also i add some presets, as vanilla/drift/etc for casual using for better gameplay expierence.

To install just put handlingui folder into ""Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods"".

To start, you need the latest version of CET, the menu hotkey must be binded through cyber engine tweaks hotkeys settings.