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If you wish to replay the game, you will dream of an option to skip some long rides, braindances and dialogues. This is a simple and extremely effective way to fast-forward ALMOST anything in Cyberpunk 2077 and save yourself a lot of time and effort.

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If you wish to support me:
I also run an incredibly successful gaming YouTube channel.
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Thank you so much!

What does this mod do:
It allows you to easily fast forward seemingly unskippable things by accelerating time.

If I got you confused, please watch the video showcase I prepared.
You can find it in the pinned comment or the VIDEO tab.
The mod is very simple and yet super effective. 

You NEED Cyber Engine Tweaks so make sure you have it installed and up to date!

You can bind it to a hotkey as well as modify exactly how fast the time acceleration is.
You can also make the time go slower, if that's something you fancy.


While you're in-game, open the Cyber Engine Tweaks console and navigate the tabs. Bind a hotkey for my mod to anything you want (I personally use SHIFT + Y combination, for example). Close the console and now it should work as a toggle (by default it is OFF, of course).



Make sure you have Cyber Engine Tweaks installed.
Then, unpack my mod and copy&paste the "bin" folder into your Cyberpunk 2077 game directory.
Simple as that!

- Dravic
Special 'thank you' to psiberx for creating CET Kit.
A shout out to Cyber Engine Tweaks Team for providing us with wonderful tools. =]