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Meet Asa, one of Araska's most deadly Assassins who just so happen to arrive in Night City with Saburo Arasaka and Goro Takemura on personal matters.

Asa is a stealth-based blade character, perfect for builds that involve stealth and one hit kill blade attacks.

There are clipping issues due to how we mod at the moment, also her skin tone does not match the mod I used for the Araska Gloves

Asa is a modded preset I created in my free time while testing out mods on here

How to install 

1- Download manually (Not with Vortex)
1- Open the mod
3- Find your Save Games Folder
C:\Users\Youridhere\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077

(The Save Editor will also detect it and find it for you)

Load the preset inside the mod folder or load the save located in the folder and then save that preset and then load that preset into your game by saving it over your current save

(Back up or save your current preset if you wanna use it later on because it will be lost)

Then the mod should work

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