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HUD Fixes - game v1.5 disappearing HUD element, quest dialogs and more UI bugs patch.

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This tinny mod aims to patch new game v1.5 HUD bugs - disappearing or unavailable UI elements following the game design expected behavior:

Dialogue lines, especially key quest dialogue choices (patched),
Quest hints (tracked quest info, current objective info) (patched),
- Health Bar (patched),
- Minimap (patched),
- Weapon Roster (active weapon type, ammo, etc) (patched),
- Stance indicator (standing/crouching) (patched),
- Speedometer while driving and appearing when not driving (patched),
- Loot items icons in view (the icons that show up above objects to loot) (patched),
- Interaction icons in view (the icons that show where to perform an action and what type of the action) (patched),
- Blocked Kiroshi scanner and quickhacking when it should be enabled (patched),
- Minimap Combat mode indicator missing during combat sometimes (patched).

Sometimes they go off the screen in various patterns, especially when playing quests full of action.
This is caused by the game code changes introduced in the new game.

Usually save&reload helps but it's not only inconvenient or disruptive - sometimes it's impossible due to the game imposing a lock on saves while in a quest action or a fight.
So you may find yourself unable to find your quest objective and unable to fix it by save&reload.

Mod features:

  • Disappearing Health Bar patch. It automatically and manually patches the Health Bar behavior.
  • Restore HUD to defaults with a hotkey. This patches multiple missing elements from the list above. More will be added.
  • Speedometer patch. Th e Speedometer shows up when not needed sometimes or it does not show up when needed. Automatic and manual patch.
  • Disappearing quest dialogues and quests objective hints patch. Restores missing dialog choices and quest objective tracker hints with the Restore HUD hotkey.
  • Kiroshi scanner/quickhacking pach. Tries to re-enable it with the Restore HUD hot key if it was disabled by a game bug.
  • Choose your preferred Health Bar and Weapon Roster behavior: autohide or stay on the screen. Switch it at any time you like it.

What it does:

The mod follows the expected game design behavior in two modes:

- game v1.2x and v1.5x autohide style in the "HUD Features Autohide" mode set to ON.
- game v1.3x no autohide style in the "HUD Features Autohide" mode set to OFF.

The "HUD Features Autohide" is set to OFF by default following the game 1.3x style so you may want to set it to ON for the autohide.

You can select the behavior that suits you best at any time.

Please note only the Health Bar, the Speedometer and the Weapon Roster patches work automatically.
All the others, specifically revealing falsely hid quest dialogues blocking the quest progression require a manual action with the mod Restore HUD hotkey or the mod window button.
This is on a purpose and there is a very good reason to separate the two groups this way.

How to use it:

The mod requires the CET: Cyber Engine Tweaks scripting platform.

The  disappearing Health Bar patch works fully automatic behind the scenes.
The Speedometer patch works automatically although it's also included in the manual HUD restore.
The HUD restore and all the other patches work on demand which requires to set up a hot key to trigger the action. A single keystroke to patch it all.

You may also be interested in my other mods patching some common gameplay user interface issues:

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Install or update:


- download the zip archive and extract
- drop the extracted "bin" folder into "[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077" folder. Allow to overwrite files if asked.


- use Vortex Manager



- remove "[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\hud_fixes" folder.


- use Vortex Manager


Credits go to yamashi, psiberx and the rest of the CET developer team for the Cyber Engine Tweaks scripting platform development and support.