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The last Inventory / Equipment manager you´ll need.
Highly customizable, user friendly UI and lets you load / save configs

Permissions and credits

This mod requires Cyberpunk Engine Tweaks 1.11.2 or higher in order to work!

What it does:
- Lets you configure filters to sell/disassemble Weapons, Armor, Junk and Grenades!
- To see what filters you can setup check out the images or read the different tab´s description down below
- Lets you save your filter settings for easy reuse

How to use:
- Open the CET console, this will also open the InventoryMaid window
- You can use CET´s hotkey menu to set keys for sell / dissasemble
- If you dont know what an option does, hover over the ? box next to it to learn more about it

Global Tab:
- When changing settings in here, they will overwrite the ones inside the Weapon/Armor tabs
- To configure filters for Weapon/Armor specifacally use the Weapon/Armor tabs
- Sell Filter: Choose how you want to filter you items. For more information use the ? next to it
- Filter value: Set the value (x Items / x %) that your selected sell filter will use
- Sell qualitys: Select the item qualitys that you want to be able to get sold
- Preview selected: Gives you a preview of what your current settings will sell (Items currently, items after sell, money gained)
- Sell selected: This sells all items that match the filters (Also sells selected Junk)
- Disassemble selected: This disassembles all items that match the filters (Also sells selected Junk)
- Reset: Resets all settings to their default

Weapon Settings Tab:
- Sell weapons: This toggles all the "Sell items of this type" boxes
- Sell Filter, Filter Value, Sell Qualitys: Works the same as the ones from the global tab, applys only to weapons
- Sell per type: This applys the sell filter per item type (Katan, Revolver, LMG....). For more information use the ? next to it
- Options per type: Lets you change settings for each weapon type. 
- Sell items of this type: Enables selling of the item type
- Sell all items of this type: Needs the above to be checked, sells all items of that type (Still respects the quality filter)

Armor Settings Tab:
- Works the same as Weapon Settings Tab but applys to armor

Grenade Settings Tab:
- Works the same as Weapon Settings Tab but applys to grenades
- Lower quality grenades get sold first (If you have 50 frag grenades (30 Common, 20 Rare), and you set it to sell 50%, it will sell 25 Common ones)

Junk Tab:
- Sell junk: Lets you specify whether you want to sell a type of junk (Junk, Alcohol, Jewellery)
- Sell %: Choose how many % of the junk type you want to sell

Load / Save:
- Enter a name: Write a name for which will be used when you save a config into one of the slots
- Load / Save / Reset: (Per slot): Lets you load a slot´s settings / Save you current settings to a slot / Reset that slot 
- Load with start: Select a slot that you want to load when the game starts / you reload the mods

How to install:
Step 1: Make sure you have Cyberpunk Engine Tweaks 1.11.2 or higher installed
Step 2: Download the mod content
Step 3: Extract the content in "PATH TO CYBERPUNK\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\" so that you have the following structure: "PATH TO CYBERPUNK\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\InventoryMaid\init.lua"
Step 4: Start the game
- Or download it with vortex mod manager

How to uninstall:
Step 1: Delete "PATH TO CYBERPUNK\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\InventoryMaid"

Special thanks to:
The Braindanceprotocol mod for letting me use its junk system
The devs of Cyber Engine Tweaks and RED4sdk, Especially yamashi, UnhingedDoork, CookiePLMonster, SirLynix, emoose, WopsS, expired, WhySoSerious? Also big thanks to Ozozoz, Ming, NonameNonumber, Architect and jekky (Discord) 

Join us at the CP77 Modding discord

 Cyber Engine Tweaks Github             InventoryMaid Github