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Set multipliers to damage for NPCs and the player, as well as other difficulty adjustments such as Stamina use - configurable in game.

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I find the game to be way too easy even on Very Hard mode and this mod aims to address that in the simplest way that preserves the existing game design.

The mod is controlled in the mod menu accessed from "MODS" -> "Dmg. Scaling" from the main menu.

Damage to NPC/Player Multiplier by Level

Use these components to basically make your own customized difficulty level. You can make it easier or harder to kill enemies, or to make it easier or harder to kill V. All multipliers are set on a curve with points at level 1, 10, 20, 30 ,40, 50, and 60, so you can customize a difficulty progression.

There are multiple presets, and the ability to remember your last custom settings. The numbers you are setting are damage multipliers at a given level of NPC or player. Levels in between the ones you set get a multiplier based on where they fall on the "curve". I included an "RMK Balanced" preset for NPCs, which has no change at level 1-10, going down from there. There is also RMK Balanced Classic with numbers I chose pre-2.0.

There is one option each for NPCs and Players to control whether the damage multiplier apply in certain cases. For NPCs you can choose to apply the multiplier to damage from other NPCs (and any other source that's not the player). For the player you can choose to apply the multiplier to damage from the player's own grenades, explosions that you set off, etc. It won't affect dying from being in a car that explodes.

Other Damage to NPC Multipliers

You can also scale damage to NPCs, on top of level-based multipliers, for bosses, headshots, quickhack damage, mechanical types, and grenade damage.

Stamina Cost

You can also tweak player stamina cost.

  • IMPORTANT: Download and install all requirements first.
  • To install this mod, extract the zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder.

Old Components of This Mod

The following modules are still available in the "Old Files" section but are for older versions of the game:

  • Level Scaling - Various files to add level scaling in pre-2.0 versions of the game.

  • Thanks to the maintainers of, and all contributors to, Wolvenkit
  • Thanks to the authors of all required mods

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