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This mod takes the Stalker Cyberware at Epic rank or higher and gives it the crit boost of the cockatrice cyberware of the same rank. (So Epic and Epic or Epic plus and Epic plus)

Now with choice of Attunement.

Permissions and credits
The Stalker mod was inspired by user qiuyuewu1987's "Better Cockatrice Mod".  Full thanks and credit to them for the inspiration since without their mod this mod would 100% NOT exist (User approval obtained).

The Following mod will take the stalker facial Cyberware and give it the crit boost that the matching rarity Iconic Cockatrice has.  This ONLY takes effect at Epic quality or higher. 

Furthermore, you may chose which Attunement you want for the cyberware.  This Only takes effect at rare quality or higher.

Following Attunements are:


I am not sure if the expansion is required, but I will list it as a requirement anyways.

Update:  Mod Page is renamed as this page will be the New home of ALL Cyberware CET Mod Tweaks that are written by me.  ALL Mods are One only per type and have the same requirements. 

Lynx Legs now with Double jump as well as original silent movement is now available.  Download Attunement of Choice. (Epic quality or higher required)

UPDATE November 14th 2023.  2.0 Launch

VERSION 2.0 IS Ready and will require manual removal of the original mod if you previously installed it.  Includes the following:

1:) Code change due to Attunement Changes not using the proper Stat to calculate the bonus.  (IE changed cool attunement to Reflexes and it would use Cool in calculations instead of Reflexes)

2:) Folder Structure change due to addition of a Charged Jump Variation of Lynx Paws.  Uninstall and remove the original mod or mods if applicable and remove folders from the CET mod folder.  (Check console in game if anything is in Yellow, note the path and delete the folder)

3:) As briefly mentioned above the Mod will let you install a Charged Jump variant of Lynx Paws instead of a Double Jump variant. 

4:) Created a FOMOD installer for Vortex Users.  (Why vortex isn't mandatory is beyond me, but to each their own I guess)  If not familiar Fomod is basically a gui where you select which mod or mods you want to install and it automatically copies them to the proper folder or folders. 

Please enjoy and I would like to add a special thanks to the user Aanderz and their Arasaka Cyberarms which is the mod that introduced me to the "sexy beast" known as FOMOD.  None of their code was used in this mod, but thanks is warranted as I didn't know this method existed.