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About this mod

Brings more gameplay/immersion with character needs.

Permissions and credits

  • Manage character's hunger, thirst and fatigue
  • Penalties according to character's needs level
  • Dynamic status notification
  • Settings menu
  • Multi-language support (more soon)


  • No incompatibilities revealed


You must keep V healthy by managing his needs.

V's actions have several consequences, for example :
- Eating decreases V's hunger and his thirst slightly but digestion also costs him fatigue.
- Drinking alcohol increases his thirst but also reduces his fatigue.
- Taking a shower decreases fatigue less than resting, but also decreases his thirst.

You have to drink and eat to regenerate hunger and thirst (I know it's obvious) but eating takes longer to regenerate than thirst (due to digestion).
You must sleep in V's apartment to regenerate his fatigue. (You can also rest on the sofa or take a shower)

If one of the needs is low, penalties are applied according to its level.
  • Penalty on total stamina and total memory (and this can kill you on hard difficulty)

  • Penalty on total health (and this can kill you on hard difficulty)

  • Penalty on critical hit chance and stamina regeneration
  • You can get flashes or a system malfunction (on hard and normal difficulty you can also be stunned or fall to the ground)

  • Finish the translation (contributes github)
  • Compatibility for mod house/hotel
  • More location/opportunity to rest (ex: sleep in car)
  • Sound effects
  • Drug usage
  • Craft only in apartment's stash or vehicle's stash
  • Link mod with player's sex scene, attributes and cyber-mods
  • Detailed warning status
  • Rework HUD
  • Limit save / Alternative death

Mod Suggestions

psiberx for his CET kit, which I used to create this mod.