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This script lets you batch upgrade crafting materials using four different hotkeys for each rarity type.

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This script lets you batch upgrade crafting materials using four different hotkeys for each rarity type. These hotkeys can be changed as shown below and so can the conversion rate and amount of XP given.

Currently I don't know how to automatically adjust the base conversion rate with the "Cost Optimization" perks so you'll have to adjust that yourself (see customisation). Also, this script will let you upgrade materials without the having the "Tune-Up" perk, so if you care about cheating, don't use it until you purchase it.

If you want a similar mod that instead automatically upgrades components after reaching a certain threshold then check out Dehuman's Auto Upgrading Crafting Components.

1) If you didn't already, install (or update) Cyber Engine Tweaks (Version 1.9.2 or newer)
2) Download and extract the mod from here
3) Drag the bin folder into your Cyberpunk 2077 game folder

Or just download with Vortex to be sure it installs correctly.

Once the game has loaded up, open the console and head to the hotkeys tab. There you can set your preferred hotkey for each rarity type using the built-in hotkey manager the newest version of CET provides.

To change the conversion rates and hotkeys this script uses go to: "Game Directory \bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\Batch Upgrade Crafting Materials" and open init.lua in your text editor of choice. I've added comments to the relevant sections for conversion rates and XP. 

Everyone that works on Cyber Engine Tweaks for making this and much more possible.
CP77 Modding Tools Discord - For being a great resource for information and for everyone there that helped me out.
A bunch of other modders that actually know what they're doing for giving a great starting point for this script.