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About this mod

This mod lets you purchase and access V's Mansion. Also adds new sitting, sleeping, wardrobe and shower interactions to it.

Permissions and credits

What it does:

- Lets you purchase and access the Mansion next to V's apartment (Also seen in the Edgerunners Anime)
- Lets you enter the Mansion without any loading screens using an elevator
- Added new interactions for sitting, sleeping in the bed, showering and wardrobe to make it a fully functional apartment
- Unlocked the door to the terrace

- Download and install CET (Latest version)
- Download and install ArchiveXL
- Download the mod and extract it into your game folder (The one containing /bin, /r6 etc...)

How to use:
- To purchase the Mansion go to the elevator access (In front of V's Megabuilding, as seen in the GIF below)
- Use the dialog popup to purchase it:
- If you have Street Cred of below 30: 150000 E$
- If you have Street Cred of above 30: 75000 E$
- Once purchased, the elevator doors will open automatically (Every time you come near them)

What to do in the Mansion:
- Once arrived in the Mansion, you can use a variety of new interactions:
- Sit in front of the TV and watch some ads
- Drink a coffee
- Sit and drink some whiskey
- Take a well resting nap (Or just lie around in your bed as long as you want ;D )
- Take a shower
- Use the wardrobe next to your bed
- Customized your appearance using the makeup next to your desk
- Lean on the railing
- Sit on one of the many couches and chairs
- Take a swim in your pool
- Sit in your garden and enjoy the view!

Know issues:
- The weather is always sunny while in the garden, this however does not apply to the interior. If the weather is bad, it's best to sleep /skip time to avoid any issues

Thanks to scornthegreat and brahmax for testing the mod. Special thanks to Deceptious for explaining scene files and being a wizard. As always, thanks to psiberx for Cron.lua and GameUI.lua. Thanks to MaximiliumM for letting me use AMMs "Water" effect for the shower