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This mod adds a fully useable stock market system that dynamically reacts to quests and player action. Also adds a news system that shows news based on the game's quests and player actions.

Permissions and credits
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What it does:

- Adds a new "Stock Market" tab to every PC
- Features 33 Stocks and 66 News
- Ability to buy, sell and manage your shares
- Stock Market dynamically reacts to quests and the player's actions (For examples, see below)
- News dynamically get triggered based on quests and their outcome, as well as the player's actions
- News also have their own phone notifications
- 100% Native UI, seamless integration and Controller support

- Download and install CET (Latest version)
- Download the mod and extract it into your game folder (The one containing /bin, /r6 etc...)

Quickstart Guide:
- Go to any PC and select the "Stock Market" Tab
- Log in as seen in the GIF 
- Select a stock from the "Home", "Stocks" or "Portfolio" Tab to see more details about that stock
- Select the amount of shares you want to buy / sell, use the buy / sell button
- Buy low, sell high, and use the "Portfolio" Tab to keep track of your shares movement

Dynamic Influences:
- Keep in mind that all these influences only change the probability of a stock going up / down, it does not guarantee it
- All the stocks, as well as the news, are influenced by two dynamic aspects:
1. Quests:
- Most quests affect the trend of certain stocks, e.g. Completing "The Heist" → Arasaka goes down, Militech goes up
- Stocks also influence each other, e.g. rivaling stocks such as Budget Arms and Darra Polytechnic
2. Player Actions
- There are 33 triggers that affect different stocks movement
- E.g. Killing NPCs of a faction will affect that companies stock (Kill NCPD Officer -> NCPD stock will drop)
- E.g. Causing lots of car accidents would make the Delamain stock go up
- And lots more!

Manipulating the Market:
- Using the above-mentioned Quest and Player Actions influences, you can easily take advantage of the stock market:
- For example, buy stocks from a corporation and then do a quest or gig that benefits them - Stock price is likely to go up, and you can reap the profits
- Or do it the other way round and find a quest or perform actions that tank a corporation's stock - Stock price is likely to drop, and you can buy while it's low

Home Tab:
- Combined Trend of all stocks on the left
- Stocks with the best and worst trend on the right

Stocks Tab:

- List of stocks in the middle (Use mouse wheel / DPad up and down, to scroll through the list)
- Hover over a stock to get a small info about the corporation on the left, and a preview on the right
- Sort buttons top right, to sort the list of stocks by name, trend or total value

Stock Page:

- To view a stock's page click on it's name on the "Home", "Stocks" or "Portfolio" tab
- Stocks value over time on the left
- Stocks name and current value with current trend on the left
- "In Account": Amount of owned shares and their current value as well as their trend
- Buttons to select any amount of shares
- Information about the selected transactions cost and Profit/Money after transaction

News Tab:

- List of all news on the left
- Hover over a news entry to get a preview of it on the right, click on it to "Sticky" open it
- Use the "Phone Notifications" Button on the bottom right to Enable/Disable phone notifications for new articles

Portfolio Tab:

- Portfolio value over time on the left
- List of owned stocks in the middle, with their total value and trend
- Buttons to sort the list of owned stocks at the top right
- Overview of your total money, amount of shares and money invested at the bottom right

Special thanks to scornthegreat for creating most of the 66 news messages, giving me the idea for it, as well as helping extensively with the development, testing of this mod and taking pictures / helping with the mod page! feature creep my beloved :SpicySmug:
Also thanks to Zwei for helping to make some of the news messages <3

Credits: Thanks to psiberx for creating tons of useful libraries (Cron.lua, EventProxy.lua, GameSession.lua, GameSettings.lua, GameUI.lua, Ref.lua, UIScroller.lua), Deceptious for creating the Stock Exchange logo and giving advice on the UI design, and especially thanks to Valency Graphics for all the Company icons. Huge thanks to the editors of the Cyberpunk Fandom page, from which most of the stock descriptions are. Thanks to Zo7lin for the chinese translation