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Hold spacebar for a jetpack

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This activates a jetpack when you hold in the spacebar

The cycle modes button will go through different configs
  • Realism:  Has small accelerations, small fuel, doesn't save you from dying when falling from large heights
  • Well Rounded:  This will probably be people's default.  A bit overpowered, no specializations
  • Jet Trooper:  Slows time, weakens gravity.  Good for aerial assault with smart weapon or hmg
  • Airplane:  Very high acceleration, infinite fuel
  • NPC Launcher:  Slow and ominous.  Right mouse button launches NPCs in the air, combine with Nuke NightCity for some real fun
  • Hulk Stomp:  High acceleration up and down.  Knocks people back if you land near them
  • Or add your own...


I do my best to not clip through walls/ground, but just in case, I'd recommend that you also have FreeFly installed.  With it, you can easily get unstuck.  

This jetpack mod is intended to be used during standard gameplay (outdoors at least), whereas freefly pauses the game and lets you go anywhere

There is also Ghost Forward, which is a lightweight way of getting through walls

Low Flying V is my other flight based mod.  It's like a hovercraft and can be used for getting around quickly - faster than a car, slower than jetpack's airplane mode, fun in its own way :)

Before installing this, you will need to have Cyber Engine Tweaks and Redscript installed

Installing these isn't hard, just unzip and copy.  See attached video for details

If you are updating from a previous version, delete the old jetpack folder first.  Files got rearranged between versions

C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\jetpack
C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\jetpack


Crashes: Fast Flight / Dense City

- Be sure to get in the habit of saving before long flights (can't save during flight, because it drops out of flight mode when pulling up the menu to avoid causing crashes)

I'm guessing it's because the game can't load new areas fast enough and just crashes.  After a while, I've gotten used to slowing down in cities, or when coming up to the city

That's no guarantee that it won't crash, but should minimize the risk

- Also, while in jet trooper mode, it would crash when holding in the right mouse button too much.  I think it was the combination of reloading a weapon while holding in right mouse button (you only need to tap the right mouse button for jet trooper mode to lock altitude)


Other Issues

- Double Jump and Charge Jump leg cyberware really mess with redscript based flight.  I would recommend either not having leg cyberware, or using the Lynx Paws



- Airplane and Well Round mode's hover timeout was changed from 12 to 999 seconds.  Having the hover cut out was just annoying for those modes

- Added a few sounds during certain events



- Fixed the ragdoll so pedestrians and enemies get thrown the same

- Airplane mode now rotates velocity toward the look direction (only when going somewhat fast, also not rotating when looking perpendicular or more to velocity)

- Remembers the last used mode so it uses that across game sessions

- Commented out the contents of supress_death_fall.reds, since it wasn't really working and hardkopy reported that removing it decreases the chance of crashing to desktop



- This adds some redscript code, which allows more functionality

- Adding little extras to some of the modes (see descriptions above and videos for details)



- Functionally, it's the same as 1.2 (now has smooth mouse movement).  Thanks NonameNonumber for showing me this

Made it v2, because it's a rewrite, copied from low flying v and the original jetpack



- Added horizontal mouse look (sort of).  The ImGui.GetMousePos function returns a constant position, so the only way I could come up with is to skip frames, which gives the game engine a chance to process mouse changes.  So, this runs four frames, skips one.  Making flight pretty smooth and mouse choppy



- Added a safety that catches you right before you hit the ground, avoiding death.  It doesn't matter if the jetpack is currently in flight mode or if you're just falling.  (it's not perfect, so get in the habit of saving often).  You can turn this off for better realism

- Still can't get mouse X position (it just stays constant), so I mapped Q and E to turn left and right while in jetpack mode.  Crude, but better than locked in place.  I'll keep trying, because flying in slow motion with moon gravity picking off enemies would be incredibly fun

- Added multiple config modes that you can cycle through with the backslash key "\".  You can go into the lua script and add more, modify existing, delete ones you don't like, whatever

- Added the option to slow time while jetpacking (the "jet trooper" mode slows time)

- Now clamping speed which will hopefully avoid crash to desktop if you're flying too fast and stress the machine

- Added better safeties that hopefully never enter flight mode while in the inventory menu (by looking at the player's velocity).  If I got it wrong, let me know (thank you whirly5 for the suggestion)


Future enhancements

This should be the final version unless something comes up, or someone suggests a great idea for another flight mode.  I'll be working on another mod next, and it may need to override jetpack and low flying v mid flight.  So I may add a bit extra communication between my flight based mods (but that will be a while from now)