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Have any of more than nine hundred clothing items delivered directly to you with the push of a button instead of driving around Night City day after day and hoping for the best.

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Tired of driving from one end of Night City to the other in search of the one piece you need to complete an outfit only to come home empty-handed?  Sick of doing gig after gig to scrape together the eddies to buy that outfit you saw only to get there and find that it's sold out?  Shop from home with Digital Couture and have the latest fashions sent directly to you instead!


Digital Couture is a simple interface that allows you to search for clothing items by category and, with a single button click, add them directly to your inventory.  Simply select a category with the top row of tabs, select a sub-category with the second row of tabs and then click a button to display all clothing items in that category.  Find the item you want and click Buy Now—the item will be given to you immediately.

Currently, this mod functions only as an item spawner and will not remove any money from you on use.  This is a feature I would like to add in the future but, for several reasons, have not yet found a viable means of doing so.  Note that at present, all items spawned will be level 1 and at their lowest quality (another feature that I will address as soon as able).  For easy upgrading of items, I highly recommend Wear What You Want.

While this mod is currently fully functional, it remains a work in progress and improvements will come over time.  Unfortunately, many of those improvements will likely rely on the release of the full suite of development tools.  In addition, as there are currently 951 items that need to be tested individually, bug fixes related to the items themselves will take time.  (At present, I am not aware of any significant issues.)  As a result, requests for fixes for specific issues will take priority.


Cyber Engine Tweaks is required by this mod.

For manual installation, drag the contents of the compressed file to your Cyberpunk 2077 game folder.  While not tested with mod managers such as Vortex, it should properly install normally.

Permissions and Credits

This mod functions through Cyber Engine Tweaks by Yamasa.  Wear What You Want by v1ld and LegendaryLite by pvpxan were sources of both information and code.  Additional credit goes to Expired and ArsenicTouch for their work that led to LegendaryLite.

As for my own work, feel free to use it as you see fit as of version 1.0.