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Turns the player into a controllable hovercraft. Activates flight after performing a kerenzikov dash

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A kerenzikov dash is an exploit that makes the player go super speed.  But you have to try to stay airborne because contact with the ground will slow you down

This mod can be thought of a legendary version of that "feature".  It keeps you hovering just above the ground, using keyboard and mouse to steer yourself

To get out of flight, hit the back button (S) repeatedly


To install, just unzip and copy into the mods folder (see video for more)

If you are updating from a previous version, delete the old low_flying_v folder first.  Files get rearranged between versions

C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\low_flying_v


I would recommend also having FreeFly installed.  It can be used to get you out of any situation

I also spun off Ghost Forward while making this mod.  It can be thought of as a lightweight version of freefly

Jetpack is my other flight based mod, good for getting to high places

Here is the github location of Cyber Engine Tweaks in case it disappears from nexus again


Crashes: Fast Flight / Dense City

Be sure to get in the habit of saving before long flights (can't save during flight, because it drops out of flight mode when pulling up the menu to avoid causing crashes)

I'm guessing it's because the game can't load new areas fast enough and just crashes.  After a while, I've gotten used to slowing down in cities, or when coming up to the city

That's no guarantee that it won't crash, but should minimize the risk



- Smooth mouse movement.  CET can now hook to events, like keyboard/mouse inputs (thanks NonameNonumber for showing me this).  So there is now no more frame skipping with jerky mouse inputs

I'll make the keyboard inputs smooth in a future version, mouse is all I could get done tonight



- Cruise control was too aggressive when trying to go slow.  Added a new "mode" where if you slow down below the default min speed, it uses a slower target until you tell it to speed up.  This makes it easier to navigate tighter spaces



- Improved ground check so it's less likely to clip through the ground

- Min speed cruise control will remember speed adjustments for a while (when you hit forward to go faster, that's the new min speed for a small time).  Really useful when flying around in the desert


Known issues

The ground detection should be mostly fixed now.  If you come at the ground at high speed, there's a chance of clipping below the ground.  If that happens, look up at a 45 degree angle or so and keep hitting the jump button.  You should pop back up above the surface.  If for some reason, flight mode has ended, you could just fall and the game will revive you.  Or, if you have freeflight, activate it and get back that way

Be sure to save before entering flight (it's a good habit anyway).  And don't just keep saving over the same file, keep a rolling list of save files

Don't enter photo mode while in flight.  It might have been a fluke occurrence, but I froze the game doing that.  When I restarted, the save file lost mouse look ability - I had to revert to my second to last save

The occasional clipping through walls/ground is because I have to do collision checks myself.  My next step is to research redscript and figure out the best balance between CET/lua and redscript