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Stops combat from auto-triggering when you use a silenced gun or throwing knife. Lets you use those weapons from stealth even when you don't one-shot kill enemies.

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What does it do?

This mod stops the combat state from triggering when you shoot enemies with silenced weapons or throw knives at them. In the unmodded game enemies will all know where you are (combat state is triggered) when you shoot someone from stealth but don't one-shot kill them, event with a silenced weapon. With this mod, the enemies may still become alerted and look around for you, but you stay hidden and can continue to harass them from stealth.

If the attack applies a status effect then the enemies will use Reveal Position hack on you to try to find you (damaging them again usually cancels it). I didn't add this, it's just the game doing that because it's the same as when you hack them from stealth. NO, I will not disable reveal position in this mod. Get yourself some self-ICE. V should really stop broadcasting her SSID.

By default, if you are within 2 meters of them them when you attack the combat state will be triggered. However, I also added a sound stimulus (defaulted to 20m) which makes enemies search for you. This is my attempt to balance a bit, and all values are configurable in the mod menu (see below).


I know that silencers do not actually make guns silent in real life (or so I've heard, it doesn't matter), but in video game logic that is usually how they work. I think this is more fun, and makes them more useful. It's hard to one-shot someone unless they're lower leveled, which never happens for me. I find this makes silenced weapons very powerful, but I also often get found by enemies looking around for me.


This mod is configured from the "Mods" menu in the Settings menu, under the "RMK" or "RMK MODS" tab. This can be done any time, including in the middle of gameplay.

The minimum ranges are the range you have to be from the enemy to stay in stealth. Decrease these values to stay hidden even when right next to the enemies. Increase the values to make it so you have to be far away in order not to be heard.

New in 1.2.0: Added 4 configurable options for controlling when you are detected if you don't kill an NPC:
  • Hits until auto-detection: NPC will detect you after this number of silent hits.
  • Base detection chance: percentage change of being detected on every hit.
  • Per hit detection chance: percentage change to be detected per previous hit. So if you set this to 10%, your first hit has 0% chance to be detected, second hit has 10%, third hit has 20%, and so on. This chance is added to the base chance (which can be 0%).
  • Seconds to detection: If the NPC is still conscious after this number of seconds from your first attack, you are detected.

New in 1.3.0: 
  • Enemy sound stimulus range (m): Enemies in range of you and in the same squad as your target may search in your vicinity.


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