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An edit of the game's hair material to give it more shine.

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An edit of the game's hair material to give it more shine. The original material is very flat so this is a simple CET mod that aims to change it. Shine intensity depends strongly on the hair color (on darker colors it is a lot more subtle) but I think I found a decent middle ground. 

This mod is incompatible with other mods that change the hair material such as Better Hair Material, Better Hairs and Shinier hair in Alternate Character Lighting. But if this mod is not to your liking you should def check those out :)

Shoutout to Zwei once again for taking many of the lovely previews <3

If you enjoy my work, you can support me on Ko-fi ♥ 

You need to have Cyber Engine Tweaks installed! Honestly, though, who hasn't at this point?

Simply copy the contents from inside the .zip file into your Cyberpunk main directory
I don't know if Vortex works and I don't care.

Please note that results vary with hair quality. I believe this is the reason CDPR turned off the hair shine in the first place, it can make low or average quality hair models look pretty bad. I will work on a vanilla hair model overhaul very soon.

The Wolvenkit Team for their amazing work on the program
The CET Team for the most essential mod of Cyberpunk77!
Zwei for lovely previews, testing and being a great friend!

Please do not edit my mod.

I do not check Nexus often. If you want to contact me related to my mods, join the Cyberpunk 2077 modding Discord and @ me to ask questions!