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A simple mod that adds a menu option to increase the damage multipliers for headshots, weakspots, and crits.

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  • Russian
  • Italian
NOTICE: The mod has been verified working on v2.11 with the latest Cyber Engine Tweaks and Native Settings UI.

*NOTE* If you currently have pre-v2.0 version installed, please delete 'HeadshotDamageMultiplier' folder from '<game folder>\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\' before installing v2.0

So I rewrote the damage calculations based on vanilla calcuations. Setting to '1' will use vanilla damage calcuations. Setting to '0' will disable the respective damage type. I also added weakspot and crit damage multipliers per request.

The headshot damage in this game makes headshots feel so unsatisfying, so I made this simple mod that adds a menu option to increase the headshot damage multiplier. It was inspired by mancika's Headshot Damage mod, but since it currently doesn't work with newer versions, I decided to make the mod myself. You can find the option under 'Mods' > 'Headshot Damage Multiplier'. It's turned off by default (0) and goes up to 100X. It's only been tested with a level 15 character since it's the only character I have, so let me know if it needs adjustments when playing at higher levels.

Please report any bugs using the bugs tab.

Please endorse the mod if you like it! It lets me gauge interest in the mods. Thank you!


  • v2.03 Added Italian translation - thanks to NarakuITA
  • v2.02 Added Ukrainian translation - thanks to BokuHaru
  • v2.01 Added Spanish translation - thanks to Zurent
  • v2.0   Rewrote damage calculation code
          Added weakspot and crit damage multipliers
  • v1.2   Support for v2.0/PL
  • v1.1   Fixed multiplier not persistent after loading a saved game
              Increased multiplier to 100
  • v1.0   Initial release

Install instructions
  • Extract the contents into your Cyberpunk 2077 game folder

Uninstall instructions
  • Delete the WeaponDamageMultipliers folder from <game folder>\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\

Special thanks

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