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Adds a fully useable Metro System, with 19 explorable stations, third / first person view and much more

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What it does:
- Adds a fully useable NCART System to the game
- Lets you switch between a third person and a first-person perspective
- This includes 19 handbuilt stations, where you wait for the train
- 100% Native UI, 100% Controller compatible, no loading screens and no hotkeys you have to set
- Look down onto the city streets and realize just how beautiful this game is

- Download and install CET (Version 1.19.1 or newer)
- Download and install the Native Settings UI mod
- Download and install ArchiveXL
- Download and install Codeware
- Download and extract this mod into your cyberpunk folder (The one containing the /r6 and /bin folder), Do it MANUALLY, not with mod managers such as Vortex

How to use:
Entering a station:
- Go to any of the "Metro: ..." fast travel points on the map
- Hitting "Interact" while on the world map will place a pin on the closest station
- Interact with any of the fast travel gates to enter the station
On the station:
- The text at the bottom right of your screen tells you where the currently arriving train will be going
- A mappin will also be placed at the current train's destination
- The exit door gets marked with a corresponding marker
- To enter the train, walk up to it and interact with it (Self explaining :D)
In the train:
- Leaving the train and switching camera perspective works like with any other vehicle
- While in first person view use your Next/Previous weapon key (Mouse wheel up / down) or Dpad left, to switch between the seats
- Feel free to turn on the radio and enjoy the beauty of night city with your favorite tunes
Changing settings:
- Use the "Mods" settings menu (Below the vanilla "Settings" menu, requires you to have Native Settings UI installed)
- There you can change things such as: Train speed, TPP camera distance, The time trains stay in the station, Price per station, compatibility with UI mods and more

This mod wouldn't have been possible without those great people and communities:
- psiberx for constantly updating, developing and fixing CET, as well as helping (And saving this mod) countless times
- Sombra for enabling CET to spawn almost any object, thus making the stations possible
- MaximilumM for providing an easy way to create custom spawnable objects, and letting me use this black magic
- Erok for suffering with me (And also helping I guess :SpicySmug:)
- fuzzo for creating cp77tools and answering my dumb questions
- nim for answering all my dumb questions, and guiding me through the process of archive modding <3
- 123321 for voluntarily sticking their head in the train ;D 
- Johnson for constantly helping out when it comes to anything archive modding related, and providing the glowy material <3
- Auska for creating countless iterations of the beautiful metro map, find them here:
- Scissors for helping with TweakDB related shenanigans and the custom map icons
- kratoes for helping with sector editing things
Thanks to all the people from both CP2077 Modding discords, and the AMM discord, for being awesome communities and motivating me on this months long journey of making this mod