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One time use Cyber Engine Tweaks script to unlock all clothing for Equipment-EX.

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Works for Update 2.0 / 2.01

1) Change Item Source to: "Wardrobe Store"

Note: This will unlock ALL clothing, including mods. Some mods have a sort of "test" clothing item, if the item is missing a thumbnail, or name that clothing item was probably never meant to be unlocked, don't equip it.

Thats it you're done. All vanilla clothing and installed clothing is unlocked for Equipment-EX once you spawn in-game. When you install new clothing mods, those new clothing items will also be unlocked.

1) Open the CET console, and check if you see a bunch of messages in this order:
Equipment EX Unlocker: loaded!
Equipment EX Unlocker: Unlocking Clothing...
If you see those 2 messages then the CET aspect of this mod is working. Now we know it's either redscript or your mods aren't up-to-date.

2) Redscript sometimes doesn't compile newly installed scripts, don't know why but this happens to me as well. Got the folder: Cyberpunk 2077/r6/cache
Delete the folder "Modded". This should force Redscript to recompile all your installed scripts.
Still not working? OK We're going to have to delete the entire cache folder. Once you do that if you are on Steam Verify Integrity of Game Files!
Still not working? Re-install redscript, and do the above steps.

Always make sure the required mods are up-to-date. I can't believe I even have to say this, but this includes Equipment-Ex's required files too!