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Want to use armor and weapon mods from random drops in other armor and weapon pieces? Like that cool uncommon jacket with no mod slots? This mod lets you do those two things: unequip mods so to be used elsewhere and change the rarity of armors and weapons, adding mod slots to them. Very useful if you're not investing in Tech/Crafting.

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Wear What You Want

Cyber Engine Tweaks is required.  Install and get that mod working first, including assigning it a hot key to bring up the console.

Copy the bin folder contained in the .7z archive you downloaded to the root of your Cyberpunk 2077 install, which should already contain a bin folder.

If installed correctly, when you bring up the CET console in-game, a WearWhatYouWant window will also open up.

Go to the Inventory window and equip the armor and weapons you want to change.  Bring up CET with its hot key, along with the WWYW window.  Select the armor (Head/Face/Shirt/Jacket/Legs/Feet) or weapon (Weapon 1/2/3) slots you wish to change - you may select multiple slots.  Click either the Remove Mods button to remove mods or the rarity button to upgrade the equipment.

Exit out of the inventory screen and back to the game world if you don't see your updates - going back into inventory will then show the changes you made.

Note on armors and weapons that don't seem to get more slots when you increase rarity:  Use Remove Mods on them even if they seem to have no mods equipped.  You'll be able to upgrade them normally after that, details follow.

Sometimes you'll be unable to add more slots on some armors, such armors will have less than the normal slots for their rarity - for example an Epic with no slots on it. If you remove the mods from such clothing - even if seems to have no mods equipped - a hidden internal mod named ME-THRILL will pop out and the expected number of slots will show up. Once ME-THRILL is removed the clothing will behave as usual and have all the slots you expect.  Conversely, if you install ME-THRILL on an armor, it will remove all the empty slots left - though there's no real reason you'd want this.

The fantastic Cyber Engine Tweaks by awpsoleet without which these mods wouldn't exist.

Two mods provided implementation details and code:
  1. pvpxan's LegendaryLite (with quest flag remover)
  2. Captain12's Gameplay Patches
Much thanks to both of them.

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