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Custom radio station that plays original music from GIOS4MA. Lofi ~ Electronic ~ Techno ~ Breakbeat ~ Glitch.

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When I made my 4th project, DIYHN (let's just the acronym on this page please, thank you in advance) I actually had Cyberpunk 2077. My close friends told me about the game a few years into the announcement, and though I was cautiously skeptical, I still shared in the excitement of my friends because at the very least it would feature the kind of visual art style that has regularly inspired me. When DIYHN was released... things were kind of chaotic. But some time after that, I listened to DIYHN again and felt like it would make a nice backdrop for Cyberpunk

I never thought of actually modding that project into the game. But that was before 
NexusGuy999 made their wonderful framework to add radio. So I gave it a shot!


This is my first released mod (I've fiddled with making personal mods before but nothing complex) so patience is appreciated and so is advice.

Radio station, 111.11 GIOS4MA PLANETARY CONQUESTwill play my 4th project, DIYHN, as well as some unreleased goodies if you're really cool and special ;-)


==VERSION 1.0==

- New tracks
- New logo by Tyler Blankinship

==VERSION 0.9==

- Station currently plays in random sequence. i meant for the station to play in a certain order but I couldn't that part of the framework to work)
- Tested in Cp77 v2.00 but I think I may need to update this for for 2.02


- more tracks :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
- new logo :-P
- new stations o.O