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Sequel to the Fallout 4 city-building simulator.

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The sequel to the acclaimed Fallout city-building simulator comes with an epic story, settlement gameplay overhaul, and much more...


  • MAJOR NEW STORYLINE: The main quest of Sim Settlements 2 gives you a reason to rebuild The Commonwealth. Play a pivotal role in its reconstruction while you learn the ropes of our settlement system along the way.
  • EPISODIC RELEASES: Delve into the first chapter and gain a strong foothold for what’s to come. Future story content will be released DLC-style.
  • SETTLEMENT GAMEPLAY OVERHAUL: Everything you love about the original mod with a whole lot more depth, as well as an improved HUD interface, faster code, and streamlined tools for managing your empire.


  • RECRUIT UNIQUE NPCS: Dozens of fully-voiced characters with backstories and side quests will join your settlements. Some have two legs, and some have more.
  • TRAIN YOUR SETTLERS: Settler SPECIAL stats affect gameplay. Use new recreational training plots to improve their stats.
  • HOLIDAY DECORATIONS: Trick or treat! Your settlers will decorate every fully-upgraded buildings to celebrate holidays throughout the year.
  • BEACON SYSTEM: Summon your settlers from a distance to pick up salvage that they can invest in improving your settlements.
  • SUPPORT FOR THEMED SETTLEMENTS: Building a base for a faction or something different? Plans are tagged with themes so new buildings can automatically fit in.


  • OVER 120 BUILDING PLANS: Bring your towns to life with all of your favorites from the original mod plus many new designs from your favorite Add-On Pack authors!
  • UNLOCK WASTELAND WONDERS: As you build your settlement (and then your empire), your progress will reveal new features, hidden secrets, and valuable rewards.
  • SETTLERS ARE BETTER TOGETHER: Multiple settlers can now live, work, and relax together in the same plot. Assign them each a home, a job, AND a place to relax or train.
  • NEW MUNICIPAL PLOTS: Caravan services, tax collection, power plants, and everything else your settlers need to take care of themselves so you don’t have to.
  • BUILDING SUBTYPES: You can choose your buildings based on how you want them to function rather than how you want them to look. Focus on what’s important and let your settlers take care of the rest.

  • (EVEN MORE) ENDLESS REPLAYABILITY: Challenge yourself with realistic building costs, commercial economies, dynamic needs system, and a settlement network system. Not feeling Hardcore Mode? Play in a Creative Sandbox. You make the rules.
  • DAY ONE ADD-ON PACKS: We’ve worked with some of our most talented add-on pack authors so that you can download brand new Add-On Packs available on Day One!
  • MORE OPTIONS FOR ADD-ON AUTHORS: Almost everything is expandable. Every system is injectable. All plot types support all sizes. Customize plots to create your own gameplay mechanics.
  • THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION: Craft beer recipes, write newspaper articles, create custom leader traits, build city plans, and use our quest templates to write storylines. We’ve made Fallout 4 modding easier and more accessible than ever.

Continue the Sim Settlements 2 story...

For more information, such as a detailed wiki, and community forum, visit SimSettlements2.com

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