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Somerville Place City Plan for Sim Settlements 2.
Created for the November 2021 Sim settlements 2 City Plan Contest.

Permissions and credits
Please be sure to have a read through the Issues section below

The settlement is designed with specific plots chosen for their access points and themes.
Please ensure you have selected Designers Choice ON in the options and have the Add-On packs I have used. You'll find a list of them at the bottom of this description, they are incredible so don't forget to send them your appreciation too! 
Some plots are set to begin at higher plot level in the Foundation city plan - to get these you will need to select Starting Plot Levels ON

I really recommend that you have SS2 Junk Town Fences by Uituit as the martial "Moat" plot used is an oversized plot that extends half the length of the settlement and the border nearest to the water, and without it would be less immersive/coherent design.

Player Home Only Layout   (Optional file without the rest of the settlement and plots)

As I created the player home separately before putting it into the main settlement there is an optional file with only the player home in the layout.
This allows you add the player home (which is in the top southern corner and partly outside the build area) to your own settlement, or even another city plan. (there may be some overlap if they also use that top corner - but hey that's why we have save game to revert back). It uses the shell of the communications plot, you could scrap the shell and snap a 2x2 municipal there to put one there yourself if wanted.

  • Go to the workbench, select Manage (default key is Space),
  • choose "Settlement Layout",
  • then "Build/Manage Layouts".
  • Look for "GavMan Somerville Player Home Only" using the Next / Previous options.
  • Then choose "Use This Layout".
  • If you want to keep what you have already built, or a current city plan, choose "Build It, But Skip Any Scrapping"
  • it will then build the player home (there is no cinematic flyby when building layouts), when done a pop-up message will tell you it is complete.

Settlement Overview

Somerville Pet Place, On the edge of the Commonwealth, a place where you can find an assortment of pets available for purchase.

Foundation Level - 11* settlers
3 Industrial, 3 Municipal, 2 Commercial, 2 Martial
5 Recreational and training (STR, END, AGI, CHR)
10 Residential (1 Dual occupant)

Level 1 - 16* Settlers
1 Agricultural (dual), 3 Industrial, 4 Municipal, 3 Commercial, 3 Martial
6 Recreational and training (STR, END, AGI, CHR)
15 Residential (1 dual occupant)

Level 2 - 21* Settlers
2 Agricultural (1 dual), 3 Industrial, 5 Municipal, 4 Commercial, 5 Martial
8 Recreational and training (STR, END, AGI, CHR, INT)
19 Residential (2 dual occupant)

Level 3 - 24* Settlers
3 Agricultural (1 dual), 3 Industrial, 6 Municipal, 5 Commercial, 5 Martial
8 Recreational and training (STR, END, AGI, CHR)
22 Residential (2 dual occupant)

* With the soon to be released Chapter 2, I have left an empty 1x1 Municipal plot in the plan for a Sanitation plot. (It will probably become a random plan if a settler is assigned to it).   Freddrick will include a nice water style one that will fit well in the position I chose and is ready to include it in his Tiny Living add-on once Ch 2 releases. You will need to change the building plan once the new content is released.
* The two children can not be assigned and are not included in the settler count, however there are enough food crops they will tend to. They will keep their owned single beds in the main house.

ISSUES - Please Read!

Objects that YOU will need to scrap

I strongly suggest you use the scrap settlement function from the work bench to get rid of the loose objects in the settlement prior to initializing the plan.
The teal car is not included in the scrap profile and will need to be manually scrapped (it has physics and will bounce around if left in.
An Elm tree (ID: 001271a6) up in the top back southern corner (closest to the glowing sea) is also not included in the scrap profile and will need to be manually scrapped.

Defense and Junk Storage

Junk Storage has a defense requirement - however any city plans not set to Full Involvement setting will still upgrade.  Large city plans with a lot of objects require a heap of junk storage. 
This plan does not cover the junk storage defense requirements (I didn't want to spam lots of martial plots).

If you turn OFF the "Junk Storage Requires Defense" setting in SS2 when you first build the plan then turn it back ON, Defense should be fine for all other upgrades/levels.
This setting only effects junk storage placed at that time, turning it back will not change those junk storage containers placed when it was OFF. 

Higher level plots need higher ability settlers

There are several plots of various types that require settlers with high Abilities.
* This includes an advanced power plot from the foundation level (needs higher INT - you could move a settler in, or console set their INT higher, or place extra generators to cover lack of power).
Something I found was that when I had the settings Assignment Requirements Off, and Auto Assignment On, settlers would assign to these plots, then change to a new building plan, (if they change these to basic type, or reset to level 1 they will mess up settlement requirements).
Did you know you can use clothing items to help raise their abilities, and legendary items will stack.

Unpowered plots

When the city upgrades there's a chance the script load will cause some plots to not register the radial power nearby.  If you do encounter a plot which is unpowered, usually it just requires you to enter workshop mode, pick up and [TAB] release a nearby power pole and the plot should be powered. (Majority of the power poles are inside the trees, with the metal connection box sticking out which you can grab).

Pets and Creatures

You can buy pets all the way up to death claws (depending on plot level of the pet store I think) and have one follow you about, or send it home to a settlement where it will roam about protecting it.
Also I have not wired the Deathclaw cage at the Northwest corner between the switched pylon and the cage - (once you capture one your settlement can be attacked by hordes of them). The alpha wave device to keep a released creature calm has a switch beside the city planner desk.

The Death Claw from the martial plot 'Death Claw Nest' from the Tiny Living Add-on is a bit touchy and can become hostile to some visitors. Freddrick the creator of the plot has reported that this will be fixed when he releases an update coinciding with Ch 2.

Food deficit 

Level 0 has no agricultural plots, and will need food over the caravan network (caravan plot is in level 0 so assign a settler early).
Level 1 is a little short, depending on how high the assigned settlers Endurance is.
Level 2 and 3 should be fine. 

Optional Files

If you can't wait through the city growth process I have included an optional file with the 4 levels as separate layouts you can build through the workbench layout menu.
And as mentioned this file also contains the Player Home only Layout.

ADD-ON's Used (and Higly Recommended!)
I have designed the settlement with the specific plots chosen, you can let it randomize, but might end up with access issues.
You may need to refresh the Martial plots as the turret can fail to spawn some times.

Wasteland Venturers Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack by Tinuvia and Myrmarachne

Sim Settlements 2 Scrappers by Ohnno

Sim Settlements 2 - Junk Town 2 Addon Pack by Uituit

Sim Settlements 2 - Apocalyptic Additions Addon Pack by SirLach

Sim Settlements 2 - Pra's Random Addon 2 by Pra

Sim Settlements 2 - Tiny Living by Freddrick

SS2 Superstructures - A Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack by VFX

Sim Settlements 2 - Junk Town - FENCES 2 Addon Pack by Uituit

Jampads 2 - a Sim Settlements 2 Add-on by CaptainLaserBeam