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City plan for Sim Settlements 2 - designed with minimal clutter and extras to be performant and still useful.

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ZJ City Plans
Minimalist city plan for the Red Rocket location. 8, 12 and 18 settlers at L1/2/3. Caravan at L0/1. 

City Plot mods are not a hard requirements as SS2 will replace them with another plot of the same type if it does not find the one the city plan uses. However, if you want to see the design I made... well, and it seems you do, since you're here reading this, you probably should get the city plot addons, no? :)

I had to back and clean this up in order to remove some power grid problems. I've also figured out how to clean up some of the bramble, bushes and extra foliage as well, though I'm quite certain there are still some remnants that I didn't get to or that were covered by stuff in L3. I am quite certain there is more clean up that I could do, but for the moment, I think version 1.1.0 should be a good experience. There is plenty of room to expand, and this is also my preferred base for a player home, so there is a full workbench setup in the garage area, with accompanying storage containers. 

Sim Settlements 2 is the only "hard" requirement to be installed. The other addon packs will ensure that the city plans get installed with the plots that I've selected, but if you don't have those packs, or want your own plots, you can obviously change that.

Hope you enjoy.

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