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City plan for Shroud Manor. Self Sufficient. Up to 10 settlers.

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A small plan for Shroud Manor.

Requires Shroud Manor and SM Full Settlement mod.

(Floor 1)
- 1 Defense Plot
- 1 Advanced Farm Plot. (Vault Tec Tools)
- 1 IDEK internal (IDEK)
- 2x bunk bed plots. (Bare Essentials)
- 1x Kitchen Recreational Plot (Junktown 2)

(2nd Floor)
1x Bunk Buddies (just for backup.) (Pra's Random Addons)
1x Defense Plot
1x Clinic Plot
1x Water Municipal
1x Crafteria (Pra's Random Addons)

1x Basic Farm
1x 1x1 Industrial Plot (Tiny Living)
1x Internal Sanitation plot.
1x Internal Strength Training
1x Comms Plot 
1x One More Cup of Coffee (Jampads)
1x 2 Bonks (So I Made Plans)

Creation Club: Shroud Manor (Obviously)
Creation Club: Sclocum Joe's.
Shroud Manor Full Settlement

SS2 (Obviously)
SS2 Chap 2 (for Sanitation Plot)
Vault Tec Tools
IDEK 2 (unless you really want the vanilla SS2 caravan)
Bare Essentials
So I Made Plans
Junktown 2
Pra's Random Addons
Tiny Living