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The Castle has been reborn!
"It served as the headquarters for the Commonwealth Minutemen until 2240"
How come when we arrive there all they have built all that time between 2180 and 2240 was a shack with a radio a meeting room a poor kitchen and some lame sleeping quarters?
Time to change that!

Permissions and credits

Read, please!

I made this settlement with specific plot types so make sure you have Designers Choice ON along with the Addon packs I have used! (You can find the list and links at the end)
Increase your Build limit at the workbench by 200%! (go to the workbench »hit space» Configure build limits)


The Castle is mostly a military base a true lore-friendly HQ for the Minutemen.
That said it still is self-sufficient!
The main theme is indeed a lore-friendly MM Head Quarters that upgrades over time.
Many decoration hand-placed items! Lots of goodies! And surprises!
Consider it a Lore-friendly approach of a Minutemen HQ settlement.

The Player Home / General Quarters
This Room will improve as the city upgrades. So beware of that!
It's nothing too fancy but it has all you will need for a proper General playthrough.

Foundation Level - 11 settlers
2 Agricultural (1 is a triple occupant), 3 Municipal, 2 Commercial, 4 Martial
2 Recreational and training (AGI, END)
1 Industrial
4 Residential (1X1 plots some up to 4 beds)
Player / General Quarters

Level 1 - 11 Settlers
2 Agricultural (1 is a triple occupant), 4 Municipal, 2 Commercial, 5 Martial
2 Recreational and training (AGI, END)
2 Industrial
4 Residential (1X1 plots some up to 4 beds)
Player / General Quarters

Level 2 - 22 Settlers
4 Agricultural (1 is a triple occupant), 5 Municipal, 3 Commercial, 7 Martial
2 Recreational and training (AGI, END)
5 Industrial
9 Residential (2 normal rest is 1X1 plots some up to 4 beds)
Player / General Quarters

Level 3 - 36 Settlers

5 Agricultural (1 is a triple occupant), 5 Municipal, 5 Commercial, 7 Martial
3 Recreational and training (AGI, END)
6 Industrial
9 Residential (2 normal rest is 1X1 plots some up to 4 beds)
Player / General Quarters

ISSUES - Please Read!

Do not scrape anything from the base game!

Scraping piles of garbage/stone/ trees/inside vines on the general quarters
You can use https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/29095 Castle only
with  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9424 to scarp those additional things! It's not required but will make the build look better

Defense and Junk Storage

Junk Storage has a defense requirement - however any city plans not set to Full Involvement setting will still upgrade.  Large city plans with a lot of objects require a heap of junk storage. 
This plan does not cover the junk storage defense requirements (I didn't want to spam lots of martial plots).
I suggest you turn OFF the "Junk Storage Requires Defense" setting in SS2 options when you start and upgrade the plan, and then turn it back ON (if you want). 
This setting only affects junk storage placed at that time, turning it back will not change those junk storage containers placed when it was OFF. 

Unpowered plots and power grid

When the city upgrades there's a chance the script load will cause some plots to not register the radial power nearby.  If you do encounter a plot that is unpowered, usually it just requires you to enter workshop mode, pick up, and [TAB] release a nearby power pole and the plot should be powered.

On another hand, the radio and the Castle base wire might not be wired in. So you will have to wire them manually! Will be self-explanatory once you look at it in-game! One wire to the radio and one wire behind the generator wall inside the castle!

Optional Files

If you can't wait through the city growth process I have included an optional file with levels 2 and 3 as separate layouts you can build through the workbench layout menu.

ADD-ON's Used (They are required or else you will end without of place items from other plots)
I have designed the settlement with the specific plots chosen so please use the addons I mention under
You may need to refresh the 1x1 Residential plots as sometimes they hang and don’t spawn the plot items!

Sim Settlements 2 - Ruined Homes and Gardens 2.0
Wasteland Venturers Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack
SimHomestead 2 - A SimSettlements 2 addon
Sim Settlements 2 - Apocalyptic Additions Addon Pack
SS2 Addon - Bare Essentials

Additional notes
Like many of you Survival players, i m also a user of the fantastic The Red Wave 3 - Mobile Player Home
So I got you covered by leaving the area alone and at the same time within the layout of the build!
The same goes for the box from the scavenge missions of Minutemen (Radiant) Squads
Also, advice if you are playing as Minutemen to grab these Workshop minutemen for the castle
Real Name Settlers

Hope you all enjoy the City plan or the Layout of your choice!
Have a great playthrough