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An SS2 city plan for Pra's Fairline Hills Settlement

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I wanted to make a small, self-sustaining, green suburbia in the post-apocalypse. For folks that find the city life too crowded and long for a quieter life.

Over time, watch the community grow. Folks fix up the houses, build cribs, and build bedrooms for their children. The center of town hosts a school where the children can learn, and a community park for folks to get together. People raise chickens and rabbits in their backyard, the local vet takes care of them. Scavs become local repairmen and tinkerers, fixing what's broken and building a place for their children to call home.

In this small town, everyone has their job, pulls their weight, and supports each other. Whether you're a ghoul who hates the rough-and-tumble style of Goodneighbor, a child of Atom who wants to ponder fusion in their golden years, or a synth looking to start someplace new, all our welcome in this small town.

Supports 11/15/23 settlers. Slight food/water deficit at LVL 3. SPECIA training.