About this mod

**MARCH 2021 CITY PLAN CONTEST ENTRY** A leveled city plan for Sim Settlements 2, designed for 18-20 settlers. Features a fixed-up ghoul manor, a museum, 2 bars, and lots of clothing shops! Self-sufficient with adequate junk storage for upgrades.

Permissions and credits
This is a Croup Manor leveled city plan for Sim Settlements 2, created in March 2021 for the Sim Settlements 2 City Plan Contest. Designed for 20 settlers.

Required Mods

Sim Settlements 2 Addon Packs Used

Years ago, a small group of ghouls who had been banished from the Children of Atom for not properly "embracing Atom's Glow" came across Croup Manor. At the time, the place was controlled by a raider gang from Nuka World called the Pack, known for their colourful clothing and "survival of the fittest" mentality. The ghouls struck a bargain with the raiders, but ended up being betrayed and enslaved.

One day, a passing wandering hero killed all the raiders, but left the slaves to fend for themselves. The surviving ghouls and other former slaves gathered and established a market to sell the armor, clothing, and supplies that the Pack left behind, initially just to make ends meet.

Over time, they adopted the Pack fashion style as their own, seeing it as symbolic of what they'd been through. They built a museum, permanent market, and a bar patio at Croup Manor and now spend their days defending their home, creating new fashions, and trading with other commonwealth settlers and wandering heroes.

Creator Notes
Huge thanks to kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for running this contest and making it so accessible!

Install Steps & Known Issues/Quirks
1. Download and install like any other mod.
2. Build the City Planner Desk from SS2.  Select "Croup Market" and then tear it all down!
3. Wait.
4. Profit.

I used 2 ADVANCED AGRICULTURAL PLOTS at L2 and L3.  If you want to make sure your settlers can work these plots, regardless of their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. scores, I suggest you turn Assignment Requirements to OFF in the Sim Settlements 2 -> Gameplay -> Assignment settings.

Detailed Info
  • 4 Agricultural - 2 of them are Adv Agricultural at L2 and L3
  • 6-8 Commercial
  • 1 Industrial
  • 3 Martial
  • 3-4 Municipal
  • 3-7 Recreational - including PER, CHA, INT, and LCK training
  • 14 Residential - includes 3x plots for 2 settlers, and 1x plot for 4 settlers (at L3)