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SS2 Municipal Power Poles with a much larger 'radiant power' radius.

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Adds additional "Municipal Power Poles" to SS2's Power menu which have a GREATLY increased "radiant power" radius. 

All Plots in SS2 accept 'radiant power', this means that with clever placement you won't need to run nearly as many wires to power your settlement.

New in "version 2" are multiple variant ranges, with a visible sphere that will show you the range which they will provide power in.
To switch the visible 'sphere' off, simply walk up and 'Use' the switchbox on the pole.
This update courtesy of "cbrgamer3" (scripting) and "Wenderer" (visuals). Check out their other stuff too.

Standard Municipal Pylon has a 'radiant power' radius of slightly more than two standard 'floor pieces' - this version has variants with substantially larger range.
In your build menu it will show the range as a number of units.

A reference of the size differences and the intent behind them:
  • the "standard" one has a range of 256 units
  • "short range" is 3000 units - "Red Rocket Truck Stop" sized area
  • "medium range" is 5000 units - "Abernathy Farm" sized area
  • "long range" is 7500 units - "Sanctuary" sized area

NOTE: The poles will not show up in your Workshop Mode Menus until you have unlocked the Municipal plot type.

WARNING: Once anything with this large a 'power radius' is placed, it is not advised to move it again - doing so will cause massive framerate drops if not outright crashes. If you need to relocate it, I recommend 'storing' it and then 'rebuilding' it in the new location.
If placing into an existing settlement, it is advised to remove all other wires first.