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This Blueprint is for a complete overhaul of Sanctuary. Turning it into a market place, dock, and a stronghold for the minute men.
#Transfer Settlement Blueprints

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Sanctuary has always been the starting point for the lone survivor and the minute men. But if you're like me I have never been happy with the lost of potential when it came to building a settlement here. And The Castle just never did anything for me. That's why I threw out the building limit and went to work building a settlement that I was not only proud of, but was canon. 

Sanctuary Docks took me five months to make. I poured endless hours of love and stretched my imagination as far as I could take it. Now Sanctuary is the community hub of the wastelands. This settlement is made to be lore friendly with hidden wonders with in the settlement.

There is a hidden room that the Railroad uses to hide synth's that are on the run from the Institute.

There are two rooms that can only be unlocked from the inside. This is to make these rooms safe from the settlers stealing your good power armor and guns. 

The Minutemen have a strong foot hold into Sanctuary's community. They made a Helipad and a main headquarters here.

Since Piper has been with "Blue" she hasn't been able to get to her paper. In till now. Publick Occurrences is now located in the Sanctuary Market.

This build also has a fish stand, laundry mat, several doctors, pool hall, mama Murphy's psychic readings, garage, Market place, and much more.

This is a big build. There's only a fifth of Sanctuary that is not built on. Also there are no enemy's that spawn inside the walls. There's several turrets ready to take on any spawns that may occur. Also I uploaded this Blueprint how Transfer Settlements recommended. You will need all the mods that are recommended to make this build work. I hope you enjoy my build. 
#Transfer Settlement Blueprints