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A Random Residential plot for Sim Settlements 2

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This is my first Add On for Sim Settlements so have mercy.
Currently there is a single metal 1x1 residential plot.
ONE plot?! Well, let me sum up: it's randomized. Each of the walls, the roof, the clutter, lights, even the barbeque grill has different stuff cookin' on it.
Level 1 has over 1,200 possible randomized combinations.
I assure you that others will follow. My intention is to have a full blown Favela in each of my settlements.
As I learn more, I will add more.

You will want to delete the power pole and move the ASAM sensor out of the way. I used every inch of the 1x1.

Q: Why is there no floor?
A: Since these are going to stack, floors would add z-fighting. I will be adding snap points in the near future to allow for ease of stacking. For now you have to use Workshop tricks to stack them.

Please let me know if there are any rando's that are awful. I did a lot (wipes blood from eyes) testing but there are a lot of combos possible. I had to move around lights, clutter, and stuff a LOT to get it all to play nice with each other. I think I got them all buuut we humans are fallible. 

Coming Soon (tm) and in no particular order:
Walls and roofs added to the Workshop menu so you can build with the bits I built to build the building.
More decorations at each level. A little more rando needed for a village of these things I think.l
A WOOD version just as big as the metal! Yay!
A 2x2 multi-person mini-village with a small courtyard in the middle.
Rooftop farms that can snap on top of the Favela.

HUGE Thanks to Tinuvia for her patience and guidance through my growing pains. She's the best mod buddy.