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Adds 24 New Leaders from all over the commonwealth!

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Adds new Leaders to lead your Settlements!
Loved the system to manually assign a settler as a leader, but it would frequently drop and they didnt have skills, so Ive gone ahead and cannibalized the leaders from my SS1 faction pack and added them to SS2!

Adds 24 (Twenty-Four!) more leaders in addition to the 20+ found in SS2!
-Longtime leaders of their respective homes now step up and take charge!
-The 4 recruitable merchants find new homes!
-The 4 recruitable travelling merchants are ready to settle down!

Adds names to the unique-but-nameless settlers of the commonwealth!

Updates to Picture:
Added Ron Staples as a Leader,
Wisemans perks are wrong, +Welcoming -Ghoulish
Despite adding the WorkshopNPC script to buddy, he isnt a 'settler,' so he is not available as a leader :(
Tina De Luca will be assignable to any settlement since I cant find Hangmans workshopref

Custom trait ideas, throw em at me, I have a small list but most of what I have in mind is conq focused.
Unique MM NPC Commanders (using this as a base for my eventual faction pack when conq comes out)
Post an updated photo of the notepad, likely when SS2 conq comes out and I add more leaders / custom traits I did it I'm not a bum.
Looks like LimitToSettlements is bugged in SS2, so theres a problem with location locking leaders to settlements. Once its patched they should only be assignable to specific settlements as intended. ~Immersion~
Limit To Settlements works as intended, as compared to SS1 where leaders would only show up as options for eligible settlements, in SS2 selecting a leader who is not native to the settlement will simply give you a notification saying they refuse to lead the incorrect homestead!