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Bare Essentials Addon Pack for Sim Settlements 2

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Bare Essentials Addon Pack for Sim Settlements 2

This addon pack adds the following building plans to Sim Settlements 2-


5, 1x1 - Interior

  • Single Bed - Left
  • Single Bed - Right
  • Bunkbed - Left
  • Bunkbed - Right
  • Dual Bunkbeds

These plots are set for manual selection only.  You will have to manually select them at the ASAM to build them.  I recommend using the 1x1 non-foundation plot for these building plans.  I created them for use in existing buildings such as in Sanctuary and Sunshine Tidings Co-op.

I have moved the default holo icon locations to be visible inside a building.  Please note that at this time, if you refresh one of these plots, the icons will revert to the default location.  Hopefully this will be resolved in a future SS2 patch.

Also included is a 'none' power pole for 1x1, 2x2 and 3x3 plots.  After placing your first 1x1 residential plot, at the ASAM, select Advanced -> Default Power Pole -> None and any further 1x1 residential plots placed will not automatically place a power pole.  This is useful if you plan on using a lot of 1x1 plots in an interior.

Note: this addon is an esl flagged esp!

Building Features

Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes

Visit the Sim Settlements 2 forum

  • Kinggath and the SS2 team for creating Sim Settlements 2
  • Extra thanks to all those who helped me on the Addon Discord!