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This mod removes background voices, conversations and gunshots from SS2's Dynamic Soundscape.

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Sim Settlements 2 is a great mod and it has been at the center of my modlist since its release. One of its many features is the Dynamic Soundscape, which adds a great number of background noises that will become more prevalent as your settlement grows. You'll hear tools falling on the ground, people singing, machines humming, glass shattering, chickens, etc. 

However you will also hear voices and conversations that in my opinion would be a better fit with a raider-themed settlement, plus gunshots. According to Kinggath, the intent is to have a settlement that feels more safe as it grows.


Since I tend to find those sounds distractive, I decided to mute those specific sounds instead of turning off the Dynamic Soundscape in SS2's settings.

Boring explanation:
For those curious, I set the Static Volume Multiplier from 1 to 0 for two sound categories (Residential Gunshots and Residential Voices) which are linked to Sound Descriptors labelled as gunshots and murmurs. Then I found Sound Descriptors labelled as convos and linked those to the Residential Voices category instead of having them mixed with other noises in a separate category like Commercial Noise.


The mod is an ESL-flagged ESP that depends on SS2.ESM. Install like any plugin.


kinggath & his team for Sim Settlements 2