About this mod

This build of sanctuary boasts 30 settlers with a Gun Store, Clothing Store, Bar, Book Store & Clinic. Statues and Trees with a complete hedge park this is the real great green jewel of the commonwealth.
Highly recommend using Wasteland Ventures add-on pack for Sim Settlements 2 for Designers Choice.

Permissions and credits
Minor Update 01/22/2023 10:14 
Changed Filename to be consistent with previous versions

Major Update to Sanctuary Green Hills 01/22/2023

Significant changes to the City Plan focused on fleshing out and polishing the Sanctuary City Plan. Fixed the power grid and removed redundant objects and bumped the settler limit from 28 to 30. Added new jobs and beds and redid every section while still maintaining the old look while improving aesthetics of the settlement.

1 Mayor
5 Agriculture - 2 Interior plots and 3 advanced 2x2 plots (Supported by Endurance Recreation plots)
5 Commercial - 1 Clinic, 1 Gun Store, 1 Bar, 1 Book Store & Clothing Store
4 Martial - 2 Guard Towers, 1 Armory & 1 Sheriff
8 Municipal - 3 Power, 2 Sanitation, 1 Tax Revenue, 1 Caravan, 1 Radio Room
7 Industrial - 1 Distillery, 1 Brewery, 1 Magazine Press, 1 New Bugle, 1 Munitions Factory, 2 Scrap Gathering

Beds & Residential
18 Bed
7 Interior Residential
2 Residential 2x2 *1 Multi-Home*

1 Intelligence Training
1 Charisma Training
2 Endurance Training
2 Agility Training
4 Relaxation


The old versions of this city plan are still available just navigate the file section

Designers Choice and Addon Packs
Designers choice requires these addon packs to have the intended plots as seen in the screenshots of the City Plan and I highly recommend downloading these addons for Sim Settlements 2.
https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/48060 Wasteland Ventures 2 
https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/48067 Ruined Homes & Gardens
https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/48271 Junktown 2


Level 1 has a bridge to Abernathy with fire barrels
Level 2 Has the Bunker Hill Caravan Post *Requires you to complete Bunker Hill Questline*
Level 3 Full Hedge park complete with statues and a playground 
Player home with all workbenches and a garage with a grave for your spouse in the backyard


Thank You
This is by far my best performing mod on the nexus and after going back and trying to use it myself in a fresh playthrough I found many things wrong if not broken about it. I published many city plans and layouts as of recent and felt this City Plan deserved a huge update to apply what I learned from all of my later experiences. If you find something out of place or just like the new Sanctuary Green Hills please leave a comment as I read them all. Hope you all enjoy this version of it as much as I did building it. Will have a video tour video to follow up the screenshots and description updates.