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Safety. Shelter. Life. The Hive protects its own, and has learned the lessons of the wasteland, that communication is key to survival as a group. Here at Sunshine Tidings, a beating industrial heart takes shape.

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Safety.  Shelter.  Life.  The Hive protects its own, and has learned the lessons of the wasteland, that communication is key to survival as a group.   Here at Sunshine Tidings, a beating industrial heart takes shape.  Presses toil, turning the withered trunks of blasted trees into the newspapers and magazines that will carry the ideals of the Hive.  Lathes spin, carving new pride in quality and craftsmanship, solid items that show that life CAN be better.

Stout walls, careful recruitment, constant vigilance. Covenant showed the Commonwealth that the dangers of the wasteland can be resisted, but lacked the will to push its borders outwards and truly overcome them.  The Hive will do what they could not.  The Hive will spread, the Hive will thrive.

Join the Hive.


This is an industrial plan for Sunshine Tidings Co-op, built for 19 settlers at level 3.   Caravan is present from the beginning, but food production is not the focus of this plan and will need to be imported.

L0: 4 Jobs (1x Power, 1x Martial, Caravan, 1x Industrial [Building Material])

L1: 8 Jobs, adds initial recreation, communication and commercial plots, completes outer barricade and expands industrial base.

L2: 12 Jobs, adds additional recreation and industry

L3: 19 Jobs, adds caravan hall [Commercial area], changes some industrial plots to Production building plan types.

As always, this city plan does not require any add-ons beyond the basic Sim Settlements 2 package.