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About this mod

Pack of Layouts to be used to build up targeted settlements quickly that are designed for lower end systems. Each layout respects the vanilla budget settlement and starts with plots at lvl 1. Some layouts may be unbalanced and will be tested over time.

Permissions and credits
For version 1.6 Added BOS Outpost Zimonja and made small fixes to Sunshine Tidings Coop, Abernathy Farm & Tenpines bluff.

==The Purpose of this Mod==

Layouts are an awesome feature of Sim Settlements 2...

With a few clicks from your Workshop you can instantly build up a settlement with its accompanying plots starting at lvl 1. Even if you don't own a settlement Workshop Framework will allow you to build up settlements allowing you to interact with the commonwealth how you want too. Over time the plan is to have mostly neutral and some themed layouts to fill up your commonwealth settlements.

This is a collection of layouts is to be used in conjunction with Sim Settlements 2 and Workshop Framework with the addons Junktown 2 and Wasteland Ventures. You can use any plots you desire but for the looks in the screenshots you will want the aforementioned addons with links below.

==Suggested Addon packs for Sim Settlements 2==
https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/48060 Wasteland Ventures 2 SS@
https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/48271 Junktown 2 SS2

==Current Settlements==

The following settlements are included currently in version 1.5 - 05/29/23

Abernathy Farm - Houses 12 settlers with 11 plot based jobs and 2 non plot (3 Vanilla Guard Posts & City Planners Desk) , 3 Recreational Plots and vanilla beds for all the settlers inside the main building. Has a chicken coop but it is just for looks. Lower half of settlement from front gate has trees and wildlife. Uses 2 Windmills and 1 Large Generator for power.
Greentop Nursery - Houses 8 settlers with 4 agriculture plot settlement inside the vanilla greenhouse.. Uses 1 Large Generator and a water tank to supply settlement needs. 7 Vanilla beds with 1 plot to add minor taxable income. Has a shooting range and a kitchen for Recreation Plots with 2 martial plots for defense. Uses a Municipal Caravan interior plot with Settler Beacon behind building near generator. Low Budget useage due to many surrounding settlements.

Murkwater Safehouse (REWORKED)
This has been reworked entirely and houses 6 settlers for some very modest stats in food, water and happiness. Raider/Trapper themed with 6 vanilla defense posts with pathable patrol points. Does not go beyond the vanilla build limit. Has a large focus on defense with turrets and is ready to be used for the Settlement Ambush Kit from the Creation Club. Just place your beacon and begin the wave style combat.

Nordhagen Beach - Brotherhood of Steel themed outpost settlement that houses 15 settlers with jobs for 10. Has farm jobs for vanilla settlers that can't be moved from the location. Has 4 Martial plots on junkwall towers with 3 shooting ranges along with a siren near the front gate that activates 2 Missile Turrets and 1 Heavy Laser. Has 2 custom bunkers for 12 settlers with 3 untouched vanilla beds for original settlers. 3x3 Farm Plot to occupy the vanilla settlers, Mess Hall located opposing the vanilla beach house. Munitions Factory for Industrial job and Municipal caravan plot near front gate. Features a vertibird where the fast travel mat is to give that vertibird fast travel feeling. 9 Plot based jobs with 1 City Planners desk in the Mess Hall Barracks with no jobs for the rest of the settlers as the design is to be an outpost to use unemployed settlers as soldiers.

Oberland Station - Compact farmhouse that grows razorgrain and has one brahmin feeding trough with a junkwall with 2 towers on the south end with a double gated front with a boxcar with turrets. Houses up to 9 settlers with jobs and entertainment with a couple outhouses by the towers. Has a chicken coop and features a weapons and armor workbench. City Planners desk is located in the vanilla trainstation tower where the main gates are located. Industrial plot and water tank in the back of the Farmhouse. Has a pool table with a couple animation markers in the mainroom with recreational plots and beds.

Red Rocket Scrapyard - Small scrapyard of 7 settlers with a couple vanilla scrapstations. Only uses 2 plots and will need to be connected to a caravan network manually. Has a general store on the inside.

Starlight Drive-In - Large Brotherhood of Steel themed scrapyard with a heavy emphasis on garrisoning soldiers. 20 Beds and Settlers with turrets and Martial Plots. Industrial based with a large warehouse in the center of the settlement. Has a metal player home near the entrance with an APC parked in front. 

Somerville Place - Houses 9 settlers with a chain link fence adorned with guard posts and towers along the perimeter. Has a bar inside the main building with a generator room, caravan plot and farm around the main building. Two shacks on the hill near the tallest guard tower and the vanilla campfire has a woodshed with a kitchen in the shack. Shooting range near the main entrance and there is a dock near the water.

Sunshine Tidings Coop - Open and spacious settlement that  houses 16 settlers with a focus on agriculture, industrial and commercial plots. Has a chicken coop and a graveyard with a couple windmills dispersed around. Bar in the long vanilla building with a laundromat. Gunstore and a Bunker Hill Caravan Post. Does not feature a bedroom for the player but has one extra bed. City Planners desk is in the laundromat currently, may potentially get changed in the future to a different location. Has a shower shack however it is only for cosmetic purposes but the outhouses will seat settlers if they walk by them. Uses 3 vanilla generators to power the settlement. Has a brahmin 3x3 agriculture plot and a 3x3 Tato Farm for food. 1 Municipal Sanitation plot and industrial for the center building with the Undertaker building by the silo with a 2x2 Pyre plot to deal with dead bodies and a small graveyard out of settlement boundaries.

Tenpines Bluff Fort- Log Spike fortress with fully fortified palisade walls surrounding the perimeter with 4 pathable guard towers with turrets and spotlights.
Intended to be used with the settlement ambush kit in the Creation Club. Houses 7 settlers and has all crafting benches in the ruined vanilla building. 

BOS Outpost Zimonja- Brotherhood of Steel themed outpost with a water supply, everything else has to be supplied through a caravan. Has a missile turret on a separate power grid with a switch on the central tower. Houses 8 settlers with guard post markers for jobs and 1 free settler to be used for a supply line. Creation Club Settlement Ambush Kit beacon in the central tower, has been tested for wave spawns. 
==In the coming updates==
Going to go back and update and rework some layouts for potential final upload for a good while.

==Feedback is welcome==
Like any of the layouts in particular? Notice something clipping out where it doesn't belong? Feel free to leave a comment with either or anything and as always enjoy the Layouts!