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This mod is a texture enhancement for Franklin, the beloved "Martian" from Sim Settlements 2.

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Since I fist saw Franklin while playing Sim Settlements 2, I've been wondering why his outfit, especially the torso, looks blurry. It turns out that the mod uses alien textures from the base game, which are meant for smaller actors. This means that they had to be streched to better fit our friendly ghoul.

After following this great tutorial from kinggath's Bethesda Mod School series, I learned just enough to be able to cherry pick some materials, meshes and textures that relate to Franklin's outfit. I've set up the mod in a way that only improves the white and red outfit (that is, arms, legs, boots and torso) that Franklin wears. I used Image Enhancing Utility to upgrade the textures to 4k, then cleaned up just a bit. Aliens should not be affected by this mod, as in my opinion they look fine in their tiny 1k suit.

You can try other Alien textures on the Nexus to see how Franklin looks with them, but in all cases (including my mod), they won't look perfect on the torso. Still, it should be a clear improvement over the base texture!

See image comparisons above.

Credits: kinggath and his team for Sim Settlements 2