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Adds over 60 flags from across the Fallout universe and beyond to the Sim Settlements 2 dynamic flag system.

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Adds flags from several different places and times across the Fallout universe, as well from several other game universes to the Sim Settlments 2 Dynamic Flag System.

At the moment the mods adds over 60 different flags from various factions, locations, towns and companies from across the fallout universe as well as several other game franchises I personally enjoy to the Sim Settlments 2 dynamic flag system ,meaning all you have to do is go to the desk and pick the one you want and they will all change to that flag.

For a full list please see the attached article but I will name off a few of the ones that I like the best here so you can get a general idea of what is included.

Brotherhood of steel -Classic, Lyons, East Coast, West Coast, Texas, Outcast
New California Republic - Modern NCR, Classic NCR, NCR Rangers
Enclave: Enclave, Federal Government of the Enclave
Raiders: The Pack, The Operators, The disciples, The Khans
Vault Tec - Vault Tec, Vault 34/Boomers, Vault 101, Vault 111, Vault 108, Vault 13, Vault 76, Vault 88
Companies - Red Rocket, Hubris Comics, Mass Fusion, Crimson Caravan
Out Of universe - 16 Lab, Griffin and Kryuger, Columbia(Bioshock infinite), Leutece Labs, Tropico, Black Mesa, Group 935(COD Zombies), Brotherhood of Nod, Global Defense Inititive, Firefly Browncoats/Alliance, X-COM

Bugs: I Believe I have ironed out all the bugs in this mod but if you see any flags that dont match up right let me know and I will try to get it fixed.

First-big credit and thanks to MurderMachineX, who kindly allowed me to use the textures from his Faction Fun Fact loading screens to make many of these flags. He Has a youtube channel that you should go check out, he makes good stuff.
ALSO: OKIIR, he made several of the flag textures used in the mod as well from his Flags of Fallout modders resource, He also made the Columbia Flag.
THIRD: the XCOM flag is the same from my standalone mod, you can find a link to the original author Here
Fourth: Several of these flags from other franchises I got from their respective Wiki Pages, please look in the credits section for links to these as they are too numerous to list here.
Fourth: Kinggath and the Sim Settlements team for bringing us one of the greatest mods for FO4 and Fallout in General.
FIFTH: I made the red cross and Blue Tape Militia Flags, feel free to use THOSE TWO ALONE in your own project, just give credit and drop me a link,
Fallout 76 wiki for the free states flag and image for the responders flag (I DID NOT RIP THEM FROM THE GAME)
Call of duty wiki for the Group 935 logo
And Zorkaz for the new Atom Cats flag and giving open permission to use it.
IOP Wiki for the 16Lab, Griffin and Kryuger, and IOP Manufacturing  Logo's