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A walled Covenant citadel using Sim Settlements 2 plots.

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A Layout for a walled Covenant citadel with a port by the water, should support at least 38 settlers based on Sim Settlements 2 plots + a few additional ones from the original Covenant beds. There should still be some designated spots for more plots and some free room to build and customize, just keep in mind this will already be a heavy build.

Required mods:

How to use:
  • To avoid some glitches, you could scrap Covenant's original turrets and gardening table/tools. This is optional.
  • Go to Covenant's workshop, and select "Manage", then "Settlement Layout" -> "Build/Manage Layouts" (requires Workshop Framework)
  • Use the "Covenant Citadel V..." layout (pick the most recent version if there are many)
  • It's recommended to select the "Yes, build it" option, as this layout already uses some custom scrap profiles you shouldn't need to "fully scrap" the settlement before using the layout, although you could also do that if you so choose.
  • Wait for the build, takes about 6-12 minutes on my rig.
  • As at first the settlement has no power (relies on SS2 municipal plots for this), some objects might be unpowered, this is why auxiliary generators were added next to doors or turrets. Feel free to remove these generators when wiring and power output form plots are right. 

  • Since the build at covenant will be so big, I recommend you don't build at Taffington Boathouse or you could have some glitches
  • Not recommended on Xbox or on "not so new" PCs due to its sheer size

  • Limit the mod requirements (Snappy will be kept) done ✔
  • Some minor improvements done ✔
  • A working City Plan for SS2 won't do ❌ since it's a single level plan, we're sticking with a layout for now
  • Add an auxiliary generator so everything isn't unpowered upon building the layout done ✔ some basic generators added by doors or turrets.
  • Fix some clipping (plant at parking lot "home" area, shrubs in residential plot by the docks) ✔ done
  • Add cellar at parking lot "home" area (right now the door to it is blocked, and has a "dead end" sign) ✔ done
  • More landscaping ✔ done
  • A version that doesn't require Settlement expansion all in one V6.1: basically with scrapped outer plots, probably replaced with some clutter so it doesn't look totally empty in those areas