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This is a low-impact city plan for Sanctuary requiring only the Quincy 5 and Codsworth at the outset. Add Piper at level 2, and Nick Valentine at level 3. No recruiting beacon included in this plan!

Permissions and credits
Five broken people,
With resources feeble,
Their needs at first are small indeed,
But to rebuild their town a player they'll need.

Sensors will guide them,
And radio silence will hide them.
No lights at night,
For raiders to sight.

Their walls will grow proud,
And their voices grow loud,
As Marcy shouts in your face,
"You better not tell anyone about this place!"

This plan provides what the player needs to complete Sturge's quests at Level 0, and grows to a working settlement that adds a home for Piper at L2 and Nick Valentine at L3.  Yes, that means the settlement is designed for 8 settlers in total: the Quincy Five, Codsworth, Piper and Nick Valentine.

This plan is made to reflect the keep-quiet, security-through-obscurity paranoia espoused by Marcy Long - if Raiders don't know you're there, they won't bother you.  Living that life for a long time, however, leads to a violent mistrust of anything different, and by L3 this settlement is the perfect springboard to have founded the other "Hive" city plans that have been published.

This plan deliberately does not include a caravan plot or communications plot, and the recruitment beacon (required for the city plan contest) is switched off as these services could be used by Raiders to locate populated areas to raid.

As can be seen in the aerial images on this city plan page, there is lots of space and several houses that are not used in the plan, even at the full L3.  These have been deliberately left as space for the player to extend the settlement as they see fit, as Sanctuary is often the cornerstone of a Fallout 4 playthrough and each player will have different needs and wants for inclusion.

At level 3, this plan has the following plots:

Exterior residential: 3
Interior residential: 4
Industrial: 4 (2 building material, 1 organics, 1 machine parts)
Martial: 2
Agriculture: 1
Recreation: 2

****This plan was a runner-up in the June 2021 City Plan Contest at www.simsettlements.com.  Head over to the forums and vote for your favorite plan each month!****