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SS2 City Plan for the National Park Visitor Center, uses a mix of vault structures and wasteland architecture. Should support a population of 30 at Level 3 with all plots upgraded

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Far Harbor residents report that a group of disgruntled locals, having found a lost shipment of construction parts and equipment most likely originally intended for vault 118, are now building a structure in what used to be the National Park Visitor's Center. It isn't known how they tracked down the vault materials, or how they have been able to build up at such staggering speeds, but apparently it might be related to some sort of building gizmos in their possession. Either way, hopefully they can finish erecting their structures, patching up those old buildings, and securing their new base of operations before attracting too much attention from the island's denizens...

Population details:
Level 0 - 5
Level 1 - 13
Level 2 - 21+
Level 3 - 30+

Known issues:
  • If you notice areas which are hard to path through near doors, open/close, move or scrap such doors to fix it. This is a SS2 bug which is being investigated AFAIK
  • Staircase to power plot on the roof could need more headway to move around it, to be fixed in next version. Fixed ✅
  • In-game city plan description could be improved. Fixed ✅
  • Power grid issues due to too long or clipped wires. Fixed ✅
  • More power grid issues when upgrading - there is already a fix for this, but will only be released after the contest judgments are done, as it was fixed after March 28th.
  • Was made using only vanilla Sim Settlements 2 plots. For this reason it does not require custom plots or plot addon mods, but also has not been tested with them. Some plots from addons, especially interior plots, might not fit in the tight spaces where they sit. Other than that should be compatible with any plots.
  • No custom scrap profiles were used - the new version to be released soon uses custom scrap profiles.
  • Some indoors plots are recommended to keep un-upgraded if you're using vanilla plots (select "Prevent Automatic Upgrades" on their ASAM's)
  • Recreational plot near the main entrance, keep at level 1 as higher levels don't fit the theme.
  • Residential plot under the wooden staircase, keep at level 1 since higher level plots there will clip through the stairs.
  • Agricultural plot in the greenhouse, keep at level 1 or 2, as at level 3 the door could be blocked by a planter. 

Recommended mods, completely optional:

New version with fixes and more eye candy coming after contest!