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Ad Victoriam Settler is a growing set of city plans for Sim Settlements 2. They will be focused on settlements that would present a strategic interest for The Brotherhood of Steel while they are in the Commonwealth.

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Ad Victoriam



Mods for Settlement to build as displayed

CleanMy Settlement - bionicyarddiff
Choochoo1’sWorkshop Framework displays
Brotherhoodof Steel Modular Fencing -cvc

Currently provided plans and their level 3 details

County Crossing - 250% Build Limit - 20 Settlers
Nordhagen Beach - 225% Build Limit - 17 Settlers
Taffington Boathouse - 225% Build Limit - 16 Settlers

The intended plots for one or more of the above settlements are used from the following mods, without them the plots will be filled by whatever you have installed.

Apocalyptic Additions - Sir Lach
Jampads 2 - captainlaserbeam
Junk Town 2 - uituit
Junk Town Fences2 - uituit
Pra's RandomAddon 2 - pra
Ruined Homes& Gardens 2.0  - Ruinedworld
Sim Settlements 2Scrappers- ohnno
Superstructures - fftfan
Tech Settlements - Argyuile
Tiny Living - Freddrick
Walled Gardensand More- Whisper
WastelandVenturers - Tinuvia & Myrmachne
Whisper's PowerPlots   - Whisper
IDEK's LogisticsStation 2 - IDontEvenKnow