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Red Rocket City Plan for the March 2021 City Plan contest! All 4 levels. 6 Settlers at level 1, 9 at level 2 and 12 at level 3.

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This city plan focuses on Industrial over all other plot types. There is 1 farm to keep your workers from starving, and a caravan to bring in what's needed and export all the awesome junk that Red Rocket produces.
Level 2 introduces 3 1x1 Residential plots using the Favelabulous mod I made. If you do not have an add-on that has a 1x1 Residential plot with a flat roof, these first three need to be replaced with 1x1 shacks with a bed because level 3 stacks another 1x1 Residential plot on the roof!

Enjoy the mod and the City Plan contest!
Level 1:
1 Farm
1 Martial
1 Municipal (Caravan)
1 Commercial
2 Industrial

Level 2 adds:
1 Industrial for 3
1 Recreational
1 Martial for 2

Level 3 adds:
1 Industrial for 4
1 Recreational for 2
1 Martial for 3