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A Trading Oasis in a land of uncertainty, your stay at Nuka Rocket Diner & Hotel will be a profitable and restful experience! *Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee your safety outside our borders.

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Okay, It’s A Throne
It’s been a hell of a year. You think back to Sanctuary and the evolution of… you. If someone had told you where you’d be today, you’d have called them crazy, and that was war time. Leading isn’t new of course. But damn.

You feel your awareness shift to Stan at his desk watching you. His gaze is intense, but warm. Your friendship has become a sort of television comedy. His muscled appearance so contrary to his sensitive and theatrical nature; you, all grit and determination. Thing is, you love it.


Talk about an odd couple. “Yes, Stan? How can I serve you today?” You bow for emphasis.

“Uh, yes,” Stan uncomfortably gestures toward a map on the wall, “This bold move into Nuka World territory stakes our final claim on the rogue lands.” In the worst of awkward cowboy slang he adds, “Them outlaws don’t stand a chance.”

“Okay, Stan.” You snort.

“General, the museum refurbishment has begun. It’s going to make a very profitable hotel and trading oasis.” A very long pause. 

You wait.

Stan starts to do a little bow, then stops himself. “I am happy to say we’ve been able to create several defense stations as well.” An awkward attempt to look casual. A weird lean; hand on hip.

So, the talk about relaxing around me is doing wonders. “Stan, please just relax. You don’t need to bow, okay buddy? I’m not royalty.”

“Yes, General.” A bow. 

You sigh. Maybe it’s Stan that never changes. “So, how’s it all coming? How will rooms work?”

Stan pulls the plans out of his now famous satchel, “Yes. The museum was, of course, completely ransacked. Now, there’s a lovely garden, rooms for both short and long-term residency, and a lovely apartment for you. But General, it’s important to note that reputation here is everything. And do remember… this time, we’ll be calling it a throne.”   

The master of monsters and men. “Okay, Stan; it’s a throne.”

To be sure you enjoy Stan’s city as planned, this mod requires the following with Designer's Choice: ON:

I want to thank Kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for filling my secret gaming life with thousands of hours of fun and adventure! And a special thank you to that bunch of scrappy builders and kind moderators over at We Are Builders.

The following plot types are included at level 3: 
2 Agri, 3 Comm, 2 Indust, 3 Martial, 3 Muni, 3 Rec, 11 Res     

21-24 Beds, 21-24 jobs (There are a few extra jobs and beds built in, but I prefer using robots for the vanilla guard stations) *Robot bench included but won’t build if not unlocked.

The Settlement Levels are designed to be: 10, 13, 17, 21+ settlers respectively at L0, L1, L2, L3.

*Things to Note:

This settlement includes a player home and is survival playthrough friendly with the following accommodations:

  • Vanilla water, razorgrain (garden/farm) and a nice warm bed
  • A Badass Throne sculpted with axes of those you have struck down. At least, that’s the rumor. 
  • A desk with a terminal (in a familiar spot inside Red Rocket).
  • A shooting range game. You’ll need pre-war money to buy tokens.
  • All crafting stations in the garage at Red Rocket.

Note: Inevitably, in all city plans, minor issues arise some of the time with no clear consistency. There are just so many scripts. It just happens. So, let’s do a quick checklist: 

Because I use these plans myself, I like to allow for a bit of personalization and sprinkle of plants, furniture exchanges, etc., particularly in or around the player home. In case you'd like to know some of my favs, those mods are:

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