About this mod

Previsibines improvement pack for Sim Settlements 2, should improve framerate in the larger interior cells of Chapter 2 and 3 depending on hardware.

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This mod works independently of any previsibine mod choice and only updates interiors that ship with Sim Settlements 2. Mainline PRP or PRP Lite or even Boston FPS Fix is not required to use this mod.

First of all, go click PRP-Main up in the link bar first to get information on the main project if this is your first time looking at this project and what it does.

This is an upgrade package to several of the more detailed Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2 and Chapter 3's interiors to bring them in line with PRP style (clean) previsibines, while also applying UF4OP forwards that were not considered in development. As such, this package should improve performance in the associated areas. If the current release doesn't match up with the current SS2 patch level, I'm usually aware and working on it.

If you are looking at this page and only have the baseline Sim Settlements 2 install without Chapter 2 or Chapter 3, you only need the plugin that forwards UF4OP placement fixes for the first chapter. The other three plugins aren't useful for you.