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This is my winning entry for the March 2021 city plan contest.

Welcome to The Circle, where survival and commerce collide! So come on in, trade your wares, and join the vibrant community that has risen from the ashes of the old world. The future is uncertain, but at The Circle, the possibilities are endless!

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Sim Settlements 2 - The Circle - City plan contest entry for March 2021

Welcome to The Circle, a bustling settlement that rose from the ashes of a world ravaged by nuclear war. After the bombs fell, a group of local truck drivers came together at the local Red Rocket truck stop to survive. Over time, this makeshift refuge grew into a thriving trade hub, attracting traders, scavengers, and adventurers alike.

The settlement is located in a remote area, nestled amidst the ruins of a once-bustling town. The surrounding landscape is desolate, with crumbling buildings, twisted metal, and irradiated terrain. However, the lone inhabited trailer at Red Rocket serves as a beacon of hope in this bleak post-apocalyptic world. 

As you approach Red Rocket, you'll see the settlement has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The once-abandoned truck stop has been transformed into a bustling hub of activity. The main trading post is built around the original Red Rocket gas station, which still stands defiantly despite the devastation of the war.

The roof of the gas station has been converted into a lookout post, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding area.
The settlement is now a maze of makeshift buildings constructed from salvaged materials. Traders and settlers have built stalls and stands, selling a wide array of goods and services, ranging from ammunition and weapons to fresh produce and purified water. The air is filled with the sounds of bartering, laughter, and the hum of generators providing power to the settlement.

Agricultural plots have been established in the nearby irradiated soil, providing a steady source of food for the inhabitants. Scavengers bring in valuable resources from the surrounding area, which are used to fuel the settlement's trade economy.

The settlement has become a beacon of hope and a symbol of resilience, as traders from all over the region flock to this once-abandoned truck stop in search of valuable goods and camaraderie. Whether you're a trader looking to strike a deal, a settler seeking a new home, or an adventurer in need of supplies, The Circle has something for everyone in this new world shaped by the aftermath of the bombs.

It's up to you to continue the legacy of the local truck drivers and turn Red Rocket into a thriving trade hub in this unforgiving post-apocalyptic wasteland!

Sim Settlements 2
Workshop Framework


To ensure the city plans look as intended, you should have the following mods installed.
They add additional plot choices and are at the core of the settlement design, not having them will mean the plots will default
to a random selection from the plot choices you have.

 Pra's Random Addon 2
Ruined Homes And Gardens 2
Wasteland Venturers 2
Tiny Living

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